Lobsters For Lunch - Steak and Lobster Bloomsbury Review

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

So on the weekend my planned lunch with the girls fell through but you better believe I was not missing out on my lobster lunch so me and Danny used the booking instead. I'm so glad we went because seriously... look at my lobster. I was in shellfish heaven.

We went to Steak and Lobster Bloomsbury and it was dead, only 4 tables where taken out of the whole restaurant which was a bit of a shock as when I rang them they made out like they are constantly fully booked on weekends and to be honest, they almost put me off coming. So to turn up and realize I could have just walked in (a group of 50 could have walked in lol) made me wonder why the woman on the phone made such a pretentious fuss.

You pay £20 for a 10 oz Ribeye Steak or a Whole Lobster and included in the price is unlimited fries and salad. The salad was so yum! It was packed with onions though which is great for me because I love them but if your not an onion fan make sure you let them know. The fries where pretty average to be honest but most fries are so that's not really much to complain about. The service was good but I wouldn't say it was great. I'm the ultimate service snob so I admit my opinion is quite harsh, but if you only have 4 tables occupied in your whole restaurant you think I wouldn't have to shout across the room to get a waiters attention.

As you can see, my drink was amazing. We went for non alcoholic cocktails much to my dislike (I don't like being the only drinker at the table so I just nodded and agreed when Danny went for the adult equivalent of a smoothie) but much to my surprise they where lovely! Normally non alcoholic drinks are laced with so much sugar filled puree that I cant help but judge them but these tasted like I was drinking an actual strawberry!

Overall I would go back. It's a great place for a date whilst also being a really fun place to take a group as the decor is lovely and the simple menu would be convenient for big orders. The location is also really handy as its only a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road station. I feel like it would have such a good vibe if it wasn't so empty when I went and the bar would be a lovely place to pop in to for a catch up drink with a friend. 

Drop me a comment if you've been before and let me know what you thought! Or just drop me a comment for fun :D I hope you enjoyed this review.

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