Valentines @ The K West Hotel & Spa

Thursday, 19 February 2015

This year for Valentines Danny organised a trip to the K West Hotel & Spa in Shepards Bush for a lovely weekend of relaxation and pampering.

We arrived at around 4pm after an amazing lunch at a new restaurant in Soho (blog post coming soon!) and after dropping our bags off in our room we heading straight down to the spa. I didn't take any pictures of the spa as I didn't want to be busy tapping away on my phone when the focus of the day was to spend time with Danny but the decor was lovely. This spa is definitely on the smaller side but they have used the space well and limit the amount of guests allowed in at one time so it never felt over crowded.

First we headed to the couples treatment room for full body massages and dry flotation which I loved! I'd heard of flotation before and been interested in trying it but the thought of getting my hair wet put me off, so dry flotation was the perfect alternative for me. You lay on a bed and the therapist wraps you up in blankets before starting the treatment. The bed is quite hard at first but once it begins the surface beneath you pulls away slowly until you are floating away on what feels like a really soft and cosy waterbed. The whole time I couldn't help but think that this is what it must feel like to be in the womb lol.

I spent the first 10 minutes deliberately wiggly around so that the water beneath me would swish about. It made the whole thing become kind of like a fun boat ride until about half way through when I just completely relaxed. My mind cleared and I zoned out, it was a lovely experience. It takes a lot to clear my mind as I'm an over thinker and my thoughts are always going 100 miles per hour but for once I was completely chill. I loved it and would definitely try dry flotation again.

After our treatments we were shown to a relaxation room full of beds, magazines and headphones playing relaxing music. The lighting was low, completing the relaxed vibe and it was a great place to relax but we left after a few minutes as I was pretty sure I'd fall asleep if I stayed in there for too long. 

Next we headed to the spa area and enjoyed all they had to offer which was a Sauna, Sunarium, Huge Jacuzzi, Foot Spa and Snow Paradise. They are all pretty self explanatory apart from the Snow Paradise which is something I'd never come across before. It was basically a room full of snow. I have no idea what the benefits of going in there are meant to be but regardless it was good fun! I felt like I'd just stepped into Santa's grotto!

Once we were finished in the spa we headed up to our room feeling seriously relaxed. We popped open some bubbly to toast to a wonderful day and ordered room service because we honestly couldn't be bothered to go to the restaurant when the restaurant could come to us instead. Then to pre order our breakfast we filled in the menu and left it hanging on our door ready for our breakfast in bed to be delivered the next morning.

Breakfast was the perfect way to end our stay and will always be remembered as one of the best breakfasts in bed we've ever had. A complete fry up as well as all the extras was delivered to our room perfectly on time and as you can see by the pictures it was great! Overall I really enjoyed our stay at the K West and left feeling refreshed and very loved up. Their Valentines service was wonderful and I'd recommend it to any couples who would prefer a more relaxing and intimate valentines day or special date.

To all my loved up readers, I hope you had a great day if you chose to celebrate! Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts on valentines day are, whether you celebrate it or not and why. I'd love to know! There are so many conflicting opinions on valentines day and I love knowing peoples reasons for enjoying or completely shunning the occasion.

Until next time, J xx


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