Look Who Finally Got The Chop!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

So I mentioned in my last post that I finally stopped being such a pussy and dragged my Rapunzel haired butt into a hairdressers and this is the final result!

We took 6 inches off the bottom with minimal layering towards the end and a few shorter bits around my face. I will admit that when my hairs straight it's kind of blunt but that's no fault of the hairdressers, it's because my paranoid self pretty much demanded they keep it basic. After making the mistake of going from super long hair to a bob when I was younger I was keen to not make the same mistake again so think of this haircut as a compromise with myself. Kind of like I'm dipping my toe into the short hair waters to see if I like it and I must say, I really do!

I'm much happier with this length as it's way easier to manage and my hair looks fuller and healthier overall. I'm even tempted to have a few more inches cut off but I'm going to wait a while before taking that plunge to make sure I really want to and I'm not just riding off the adrenaline of not hating my first cut.

I've avoided the hairdresser for years because I've never had a great hairdressing experience and have always left feeling like they just did what they wanted rather then what I wanted. After reading a ridiculous amount of reviews for hairdressers in my area I finally chose Studio Mag in Liverpool Street (London) because most reviews praised them for actually listening and having kind staff who didn't look down on you and your hair choices. After having my hair cut their myself I have to agree! They listened to everything I wanted and talked me through each step of the cut. At no point did I feel like I was being judged and I was really relaxed the whole time. I cant even count the amount of times a hairdresser has made me feel a bit crap about myself with their unwanted opinion so Studio Mag was a breathe of fresh air!

With this new cut I've returned to my middle parting and will be adding waves like in these photos as my go to everyday look. I'm considering adding some colour too, I was thinking a subtle balayage look but haven't decided yet. Any colour suggestions that you think may suit me are more then welcome!

Until next time, Jaydee xx

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