Frank Coffee Body Scrub - Is it Worth The Instagram Hype?

Monday, 10 August 2015

I can't remember the last time I scrolled through Instagram without spotting a girl strategically covered in coffee granules whilst posing up a storm in a bathtub. Franks coffee based body scrubs have been making the rounds on Instagram for a while now so I put their product to the test to see if it's really worth all the hype.

Firstly I have to say their website is gorgeous. Perfectly branded with great videos incorporated into the design and very user friendly. They get 10 points for their web design alone, other brands should take note.

The packaging is a brown paper pouch and although it does not look waterproof the inside is sealed meaning if you do get it wet in the bathroom (which you will) it wont seep through and effect the remaining product inside. I went for the coconut and grape seed one to help target my cellulite and the smell is lush, a great way the start the day. I expected it to be slightly overwhelming because it's coffee based but it really wasn't, they seem to have found the perfect scent balance.

I used this product during my bath and stood to apply 2 handfuls to my entire body and massage it in for 5-10 minutes as suggested, this is where it all went a bit tits up. The product itself is actually great! It feels lovely on the skin and you can really feel it doing its job without being too abrasive. There's loads in the packet so you don't feel bad about using a lot either but this stuff goes EVERYWHERE. Once I was done there was muddy looking marks up the walls, granules and marks all over the bath and even on the floor. It says to use it in the shower which I completely understand now but still cant figure out how you could avoid getting this stuff everywhere. I wasn't exactly throwing it in the air but even with careful application I had to deep clean my bathroom and scrub down the walls afterwards. It turned the bath water a dirty swamp colour too.

On the plus side though my skin felt amazing! It was smooth, hydrated and left with a slightly oiled feel to it. It felt like holiday skin after you've spent the day on the beach covered in tanning oil then you wash it off later and have that lovely moisturized feel to your skin. Even now a day after my skin still feels pretty good and although it's a messy product I'm really tempted to use it again. In all honesty I think this has actually shot straight to the top of my list of favourite body scrubs, if it wasn't so messy it may have even been number one. I've heard you can use the body scrubs on your face too but considering the oiled feel this leaves my skin with I'd rather not have that same feeling on my face. I can imagine it causing issues as I'm already an oily girl.

A product that can make me want to use it even though I'll probably have to deep clean my bathroom after has to be a good one! And for that reason I'm going to vote yes, it is genuinely worth the Instagram hype. Just have your cleaning products ready for the aftermath! I'm keen to try their other products now and have heard they also do dedicated face scrubs, I'll keep you updated if I try any :) All products are available from

Until next time, Jaydee xx 

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