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Monday, 8 February 2016

I've been wondering for a while what the perfect valentines gift is, and I think I may have found it.

Firstly I need to clarify what I mean by 'perfect'. I'm not the kind of girl who lives for valentines day. Danny and I have been together for almost 7 years now and have only properly celebrated valentines day twice. And by properly I mean went out, enjoyed an experience together, drank champagne and shared gifts. You know, the cheesy movie date night stuff! The kind of thing that would be captioned 'goals' on instagram. Last year was a hotel spa weekend and only happened because we literally sat down and discussed whether we should start celebrating the day or not. We decided yes because when you've been together for this long you need to make an effort to remind each other how much you mean to each other. Valentines was the perfect opportunity for us to do that.

I like valentines day but at the same time I'm not gutted if we don't make a big deal out of it. Valentines day really does divide the nation though. Some people LOVE it and others spend the first 2 weeks of February tweeting shade about materialistic girls and how the shops made up valentines to make money. As someone who has been in a relationship for almost 7 years now I think it's important to have days like this where you acknowledge your love for each other. I'm not saying everyone should book a weekend away and have rose petals scattered wherever they go, I'm just saying you shouldn't completely ignore the day all together.

Something as simple as a card or specially planning to stay in and watch movies together really is enough. Yes there are 364 other days in the year, but do you really go out of your way to remind your other half of their worth to you every day? I didn't think so. A small token of appreciation really can go a long way, so why not do it? The reason I think this gift is perfect is it's just the right amount of valentines appreciation, totally within budget for most and it's something that will last more then just one day.

The Kiko Heart to Heart Eau de Parfum set consists of 2 mini perfumes. One is designed for daytime, the other for night and they are perfect handbag size! The cute heart shaped bottle design ties in with the valentines theme whilst still being adorable once the day is over. Those of you who watch my youtube vids will know I'm a bit of a perfume hoarder! You'd also know I'm not one to hold back if I don't like something lol. But I really do like both of these scents!

Sweet Love is the daytime fragrance with top notes of apple and blackcurrant, middle notes of fressia and jasmine and base notes of vanilla and patchouli. It smells like something you'd find in the Victorias Secret body spray section and I mean that as a compliment. To be honest it's not that strong for an eau de parfum but it's a nice scent none the less.

Deep Love is the evening fragrance with top notes of cherry and bergamot, middle notes of jasmine and frangipani and base notes of tonka bean and musk. This is a beautiful scent! It's really sexy and the type of scent I'd wear on a date night. It's the kind of perfume Danny would smell and then give me the side eye and ask if I'm trying to get some lol. I like this one so much that I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they release it in a bigger size. It's far stronger and long lasting then Sweet Love too.

The set costs £14.90 and is available online and in stores now along with an array of other valentines themed makeup items. Out of the whole collection this is the product that interested me the most, so if you're a guy reading this and are unsure what to pick, I'd go for the perfumes :)

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