Amazing Face Mask For Oily Skin: Lush Love Lettuce

Saturday, 19 November 2016

This face mask made me fall in love with using face masks. I've tried loads before and never really fallen in love, but after using this mask for 3 months straight I think it's time to dedicate a blog post to it.

Lush describe Love Lettuce as an effective exfoliating face mask that gives normal to oily skin a radiant glow. With polishing almond shells, softening almond oil, soothing lavender oil and the magical tightening action of fullers earth. I really feel it lives up to its description from the first use.

As an oily skinned person I did worry about the 2 types of oil in this mask. My skin is so oily at times that I tend to go for oil free or mattifying products in an attempt to keep my shine under control. However the oils in this mask are perfect as they really do leave my skin feeling radiant and glowing without looking shiny. It's a beautiful radiant glow that looks like it comes from within and I spend a good 10 minutes enjoying my new skin in the mirror every time I use this.

The fullers earth really does leave my skin feeling tighter. Since I started using this mask on a weekly basis my skin has become firmer and my pores appear much smaller. As for the exfoliating aspect it does lightly exfoliate your skin when you're applying the mask and also when you're washing it off. The exfoliating effect isn't harsh at all though so if you don't like exfoliating products don't be put off as it really is just a light exfoliating feel at the beginning and end.

The scent is fresh and light and the lavender isn't overpowering (which I love) but you still know it's there. The colour is like a fresh green smoothie and you get so much product that I've never been able to finish a tub of this before the use by date. You normally have about a month before the recommended use by date so I think of it as a recurring cost of £6.95 a month but it really is worth every penny.

Overall I love using this. If you're looking for a new face mask I highly recommend this one. For me it's the best face mask I've tried from Lush by far and it's currently my go to mask. Finding something that leaves my skin feeling soft, radiant and moisturised without looking shiny is a big deal for me as an oily skinned girl. I doubt I'll be switching face mask any time soon because its just that good and I really would call this a must try product.

Let me know your favourite mask down below and don't forget to mention your skin type too. Also if you try this come back and let me know what you think!

Until next time, Jaydee xx


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