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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My new blog design is giving me serious new beginnings vibes and now feels like the perfect time to get personal. I've been meaning to do this as a video but seeing as I currently have no time to film I thought I'd do it as a blog post instead. What better way to get to know me then 50 facts! Enjoy :)

PS. If you're a blogger please leave your blog address in the comments below. I'm looking for new blogs to follow and would love to check yours out.

50 Facts About Me...

1. My name really is Jaydee. No it doesn't stand for anything and no it's not a nickname.

2. My nickname growing up was Flumpy.

3. I was an Allstar Cheerleader for a decade and won 5 national championships. Honestly I think I won more then 5 national titles but 5 time nat champ sounds good so I tend to just say that lol.

4. I once ate a maggot out of a plant pot when I was in primary school because my best friend dared me to.

5. We also sneakily licked the glue sticks because we were so cool/ have issues. Seriously though why were we never stopped by teachers?!

6. In secondary school I got kicked off the stage whilst performing Christina Aguilera's Dirty during the talent show because apparently it was getting a little too saucy for year 9.

7. I own more pyjamas then real clothes.

8. I really dislike wearing heels but if the occasion calls for them I will. You gotta do what you gotta do #slay.

9. My real eye colour is dark brown but I wear grey coloured contact lenses. Partly because I'm really short sighted and partly just because I like them.

10. My parents literally live on opposite sides of the world. England and Australia.

11. I pride myself on fitting a 5.5 shoe size because it means I can still buy trainers in the kids section and get them for basically half price.

12. This year is the longest I've been single since I was 15. Before the past few months my longest single run was 2 weeks. I am now on a relationship ban until at least 2018 #findingmyselfandallthat.

13. I love rosé wine so much. Rosé in mini bottles, rosé in full bottles, rosé in boxes that fit 3 whole bottles. Rosé forever.

14. I have embarrassed myself so much over the course of my life that now when I do something embarrassing it doesn't get to me because it cant even slightly compete with the embarrassments of my past.

15. I once moved to the USA for a summer during uni and worked at a theme park on the beach.

16. I've been to Ibiza more times then I can remember and would go every year if I could.

17. House music is my happy place.

18. I hate cardio more then anything in the world but weightlifting I can deal with.

19. I'm not proud of this but I can throw a tantrum to end all tantrums.

20. I can also hold a grudge for an entire lifetime. It's the Taurus in me I swear.

21. I really really want to learn how to DJ so I can take my love of house music to the next level.

22. I used to sing when I was younger and there are definitely a few hyper pop tracks out there with my vocals on.

23. Britney is my queen.

24. I cannot for the life of me handle spicy food!

25. I'm allergic to something in Thai food but I cant figure out exactly what it is. Every time I eat Thai its like a game of Russian roulette seeing if the allergy is going to hit me or not.

26. I'm scared to ride a bike because of an accident I had when I was younger. I plan on facing that fear this summer though.

27. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to compete on the Crystal Maze.

28. I have 5 tattoos. 2 are currently being removed and I'm planning another one. Judge away OR just live and let live?

29. Eating too much food makes me so sleepy that I've legit fallen asleep in public restaurants before.

30. My favourite drink (that isn't rose) is Zubrowka vodka with apple juice. Fresh apple juice if I can get it.

31. My favourite non alcoholic drink is cherry vanilla coke from the Five Guys drinks machine. You can't buy it in regular shops but you can buy a cherry coke and a vanilla coke and mix them together.

32. I absolutely love any kind of melty marshmallow. Toasted marshmallow, marshmallow in hot chocolate, all of the marshmallow.

33. I am the kind of person who wears their converse until they are completely ruined. I'm talking holes all over, dark laces, fabric separating from the rubber sole ruined. I then get a fresh pair and spend weeks thinking about how weird they look clean.

34. I find nothing more attractive then a great smelling man.

35. My dream car is a range rover of any kind.

36. I genuinely have a reputation for smelling really good because I'm slightly addicted to perfumes and body sprays.

37. I like my steak medium rare and am not opposed to rare but have to be in the mood for it.

38. If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be sweet potato fries with extra salt and ketchup and mayo on the side.

39. I have slight hearing loss in my right ear from standing next to the speaker all night during a gig at Electric Ballroom when I was a teen.

40. I suffer from stress related alopecia. I haven't had any patches in a few years though due to actively focusing on not letting things stress me out as much #namaste.

41. Starbucks coffee drinks have a tendency to make me sick but Italian coffee gives me life.

42. Speaking of Italy I absolutely love antipasti! 

43. I love Studio Ghibli films.

44. I am Slytherin house til the day I die.

45. My favourite colours are many shades of green and lilac.

46. I make a seriously good chocolate chip banana bread. So good that even I'm shocked I made it. 

47. Highlighter is my favourite makeup product because it's all about the glow! I can literally have no makeup on and still be like oooo I'll just put a touch of highlighter on my moisturiser today.

48. If drunk snapchatting was a sport I'd be an Olympian.

49. If my phone doesn't have a tacky sparkly phone case on it is it even my phone?

50. One day I will have all of the mini YSL cross body bags. All. Of. Them.

That's it! Let me know some fun facts about you and if you're a blogger tell me your blog address too in a comment below :)

Until next time, J xx.

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