Parties and Events, Stop Lying About Your Perks

Monday, 24 April 2017

It's officially day party season! Every summer I remember why I love East London so much. A constant stream of over the top day parties, tasty food pop ups and enviable street style. One thing that bugs me every year though is the never ending lies of parties and events.

More often then not parties and events lie for attention. They big up their perks all over their facebook and resident adviser pages to lure you in. Promising all kinds of extras included in your ticket purchase that make the overall cost seem totally worth it. Only for you to turn up on the day and discover that the event description has been slyly changed the week before and half the perks that lured you into attending don't actually exist. The first culprit of the year unfortunately was Babylon Goes East.

I've been keen to attend a Babylon party for ages now. Mainly because I'm in love with Felon who happen to be one of their resident DJs and also because the parties look amazing. When they announced they were coming to East London I couldn't resist and quickly sent the event page screen shot to my girl squad. Everyone bought their tickets within a week. Massages, glitter, smoothies, fruit and sick beats here we come! Or so we thought...

The day arrived and the weather was perfect! 2 girls decked out in wings and stilts danced around the entrance of 93 Feet East, beckoning us in and setting the vibe for the day. The music was great from the second we arrived, we quickly spotted 2 bars with minimal queues and all was looking well until we remembered what we actually paid for.

Where were the perks? Where's the masseuse to get me party ready? Or the free body and glitter painting station so I can turn my friends into rave fairies for the day? Really fancy a smoothie right now, no sign of those though. Wouldn't mind a bit of fruit... oh wait no fruit, no food at all in fact. Hmm OK, let's check the event page again shall we I think I might have mixed it up with another party...

Nope no mix up here, just another case of party and event lying. Let's list the missing party elements out shall we;

No smoothies
No free massages
No free fresh fruit
No oxygen bar
No healthy snacks
No ostrich feather fanning
No cinema
No giant deck chairs
No free face and body painting station
No street food vendors

The things we did have though were;

The lovely ladies on stilts, who I'm assuming are the aerial performers
A small ball pit, however it was seriously lacking balls
Glitter face paint station at £5 a go
Walk around character happy to spray you with some glitter for bants
Babylon shrine area near the entrance
Fluffy texture wall next to the DJ
Inflatable beach balls and animals 

Overall we were missing 10 of the elements that lured us into buying tickets in the first place. We received no update on these changes in the run up to the event and it turns out that we weren't the only ones disappointed. The below facebook comments were left on the event page but have now all conveniently been removed.

The worst bit is that we all genuinely had a great time and collectively agreed that the missing elements didn't make or break the party. If we hadn't been told to expect them we wouldn't have missed them, we still had fun but it's the principle and you know, blatant breaking of sales law. If you buy a movie ticket you expect to turn up and they are playing that movie right? That's kind of what party lying feels like, buying a ticket to see avengers and turning up to see they are showing power rangers instead.

We spoke to a Babylon regular who said the last event was amazing and had all the perks but everyone was so wasted they barely noticed the extras. We also met some other great people who all felt the same way, we were having a great time but also felt a bit cheated. Parties and events, all we ask is that you don't lie. Personally I'm super glad I didn't book Babylon castle as planned now. They've promised the whole getaway will take place in a legit castle, but after this event I wouldn't be shocked if we got there and it was a travelodge in a random Spanish field instead.

A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on
A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on

I wouldn't be apposed to going to another Babylon event in the future because the music was right up my street and they were not shy with the confetti cannon at all, much to our joy. The location was great, right in the heart of Brick Lane and perfect for our mid party food break which involved us being the drunkest people in a nearby Indian restaurant. Honestly one of the funniest meals of the year and if the facebook live video we made wasn't such a hot mess I'd be posting it here.

The only person really missing out here is the event. We all had fun but it'll always be known as the party that lied. Now if we have the choice between two events were far more likely to choose the other option, to try something new and hopefully get what we paid for. If the description of an event or party has to change there's classier ways to go about it. Send out an email and offer refunds if people would like. Offer a free drinks token on the door as a sorry or even just acknowledge the differences rather then hope party goers are too dumb to notice. Also a public apology is always more respected then deleting away all evidence of upset guests. There are ways to make changes and keep your integrity as a brand, if only event producers would start behaving this way.

Shout out to all the events that deliver though! We salute you. Babylon, step your game up. It sucks that I had to call you out today but if you didn't lie you wouldn't be here in the first place. I hope to visit you again in the future and come back here to eat my words :)

Until next time, J xx

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