A Must Try London Night Out At The Macbeth Of Hoxton

1 May 2017

I didn't put karaoke in the title because I knew it would put some of you off BUT, you have to try one of Macbeth of Hoxton's karaoke nights! Dedicated to your favourite artists including Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and many more. Don't worry, the chances of you being on the stage alone are really slim, unless you want to. In that case you'll have to beat off the voluntary back up dancers to claim the stage as your own anyway.

It all started a few months ago when I saw my dream night out pop up on Facebook, Britney Spears Karaoke. I didn't know my life was missing this key element until that moment and obviously bought tickets on the spot. They sold out within days and I couldn't wait to sing Lucky at the top of voice in a room full of fellow Britney stans.

Considering the event was sold out I expected it to be rammed, but they sold the perfect amount of tickets meaning it was full but you still had room to move, dance and enjoy yourself. There's no dress code and although loads of people dedicated their outfits to Britney (and looked amazing whilst doing so) I rocked up totally casual didn't look out of place. I loved this because as much as I enjoy glaming up its nice to be able to just come as you are and be comfy all night.

Drinks are a decent price with a bottle of rosΓ© being about £17 and we were always served within a few minutes of waiting at the bar. The vibe was a bit timid at first but within half an hour the whole crowd was going crazy and I knew I'd found my people. Never have I ever loved a crowd so much! It was literally like being in room full of 100 best friends. We bonded over I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Women. I was a back up dancer for someone during Touch Of My Hand. During Slave For You there was an on stage flash mob of dancers absolutely killing the official music video choreography. Basically I was in Britney heaven. So when we saw that Spice Girls Karaoke was happening the month after we booked tickets straight away.

A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on

A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on

Spice Girls karaoke was just as amazing! Once again there were never queues for the toilets and the bouncers were just as skilled at handling our drunk emotions which they honestly deserve a medal for. The set up was the same with screens showing the song lyrics around the room so you can sing along where ever you happen to be. They are more then happy to host groups on the stage so bring your bestie up with you or your whole squad like we did. The girl who hosts the night is adorable too and constantly singing along with the crowd. To top it all off they play 90's classics all night after that will have you screaming Nsync, Shania Twain and Backstreet Boys like your life depends on it until you finally have to leave.

A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on

A post shared by Jaydee Stone (@jaydeestone) on

I cannot rate these karaoke nights highly enough! Even my karaoke hating friends are obsessed. It's just the funnest thing to be part of and everyone I've met there has been absolutely lovely. There's a chicken shop next door too seriously what more do you want from life?! I manage to do a night out on £25 including my ticket cost each time we go which is unheard of in London so they get 10 points for affordability too.

So if you're in town and fancy having one of the funnest nights ever you have to check them out. Trust me on this, our squad gets bigger every time we go because this night is loved that much! Check out the Macbeth of Hoxton Facebook page for all upcoming events and get ready to go from 'I don't do karaoke' to 'AND IIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUU' in minutes. Comfy shoes are a must because you will be dancing your heart out and the temptation to become your random new best friends back up dancer will take over.

Until next time, J xx

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