Sexy On A Budget! Best Of Primarks New Valentines Collection

Thursday, 18 January 2018

At one point growing up my mum owned a designer underwear shop. It was gorgeous and decadent and filled with stunning pieces. One of my first ever underwear sets was Moshino and I still to this day know how to correctly tighten a corset.  

Since my early introduction to completely overpriced tiny pieces of fabric, I mean high end undies, I've learnt one key thing along the way... If you're buying underwear to impress a man you might as well go cheap because those blind idiots genuinely cannot tell the difference between a Forever 21 multipack panty and the newest Honey Birdette collection. The trick is to let them buy you the pricey stuff if they ever want to treat you and let them believe that all underwear is usually that expensive.

Luckily for all of us Primark know how to kill it in the underwear department and this years Valentines offerings are no exception! So let's get sexy! 

I know it's still weeks until valentines day but you know what Primark is like! I thought it best to show you these early so you actually have a chance of getting your hands on them :)

For The Bodysuit Lovers

First off HELLO RED SHEER BODY WITH A BOW ON THE WAIST!! I'm obsessed. I literally want to wear this in my everyday life. It's also the bargain price of £12 which is cheaper then a cocktail in half of London and enough of a reason to buy this like right now.

For The 50 Shades Of Yay Types

Straps are fun! OK not for you, for you it's like a maze just to get in and out of your underwear. But once you've finally figured out which leg goes where you're ready for 50 shades of yasss in the bedroom. I'm really feeling the neck choker style straps on the bra and can already imagine this set with some kind of thigh high stocking or boot for a little extra kink. The set comes to £17 all together or £12 for the bra and £5 for the brief.

For The Lacey Boudoir Types

What I love about this set is that it could totally pass for a cute everyday set after valentines day is over. Perfect for those of you who don't like the idea of spending money on something you'll only wear for one day, or five minutes how honest are we being here?! This set is £12 together or £8 for the bra and £4 for the brief.

For The Romantic Rose Lovers

Is it even valentines day without roses?? I think not! I'm more of a white rose girl myself but I do have a weakness for beautiful dark red roses. The kind with endless petals in a perfect full fragrant bloom. The pants in this set come in a pack of two for £6 and with the bra being £8 you can get 3 pieces for £14.

For Those Who Just Love Being Naked

No they are not nipple covers! I'm saving my nipple covers lookbook post for next week ;)

What you see above are two earring options and a lacey thong because I can't be the only one who loves a bit of nakedness?! I wouldn't recommend this for larger chested girls because I know you guys need support, but if you are a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee (shout out to my people!) this could be the look for you. Altogether this set would cost you £7 (earrings £3 thong £4) meaning you'd have change from a tenner and could buy these adorable heart shaped scented candles for £3:

So which is your favourite?! Let me know! Mine is very clearly the red bodysuit and I'm already trying to figure out if I can work it into an evening look for an underwear as outwear kind of vibe.

Until Next time, J xx


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