My Brighton Pride Outfit & Honest Thoughts On The Day

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

After so many of you slid into my DMs asking about my Pride outfit I thought it deserved it's own post. Honestly I'm so flattered! But if we're gonna talk about Brighton Pride I need to have a little rant too, but let's start with the more fun option shall we... my outfit!

So I was going for a pride cheerleader type of aesthetic. I saw this really cool look a while back that was a white pleated skirt with a cropped rainbow UNIF top and my outfit is heavily inspired by that. I was on a budget though so instead of heading to UNIF I went straight to eBay.

I found this similar rainbow top for just £5.62 and white cheerleader style iron on letters for £1.65 each that were perfect for what I wanted to make. By the way I recommend sizing up in the rainbow top as the colour fades when it stretches too much over the boob area. The skirt was a bargain too at only £6.99 and and the socks came in a two pack for £5.99.

The skirt has built in mini shorts which is fab, but if you're blessed in the booty area you're definitely going to want an extra pair on to preserve your dignity! I got a pair of white cycle shorts from Missguided for the occasion which turned out to be such great quality I've already ordered them in another colour. I'll be blogging about them soon as at £10 each they really are the best affordable cycle shorts I've found.


The finishing touch was rainbow laces (£2.99) on my white huaraches for that chunky cheer shoe look. I got my laces from an eBay shop called Equalitee, a company who donate their profits to LGBT+ causes. They have loads of great rainbow stuff on their website and are well worth a visit if you wanna get your rainbow fix whilst also supporting the cause! visit them directly at

Overall I spent just under £40 on the whole outfit and I couldn't be any happier with my look. I love that it's just pure Pride joy and the underlying theme of being a cheerleader represents my undying love and support for all my LGBT+ fam. I was worried I would look a bit too much, but I had so many lovely people say they loved my outfit and loved that I went full theme that I think it's safe to say I delivered the goods.

Now for a little ranting...

As a Pride lover and a Britney stan I was incredibly excited for this years Brighton Pride, but honestly I didn't enjoy it. After a few nights sleep I think I can finally put my feelings into words and thought I'd use my platform to speak on something that's important to me.

Review wise it's worth noting that most of my time was spent at the Pride Festival in Preston Park. Sadly I missed most of the parade because the group I was with took longer then expected to get ready :( but the footage looks fab! 

To put it bluntly, Pride isn't a cheap festival for people who have no appreciation for its true meaning to frolic around in all day. Rainbow dress up is great but behind the theme lies so much meaning and far too many people for my liking didn't seem to get that.

We gather for a reason, celebrate for a reason, protest for a reason and wear rainbows to represent this, not just to add colour to our Instagram feeds. 

I spent most of the day stuck in a group because of the Preston Park ticketing situation. Also because they wouldn't let people out (even with wristbands) I didn't get to enjoy much actual Pride at all, which is such a shame but lesson learned. What I did experience was a cheap badly run festival with the low lights including only 6 cashpoints for 57000 people, hour long waits for the bar and an abundance of overpriced crap food.

It crossed the line too far into a commercial event rather then what it should be. It's not wireless, it's a celebration and education of LGBT+ culture and that needs to be respected. It was incredibly busy, it honestly felt like tickets had been oversold by far and at times it was quite dangerous. 

It's also worth noting that I spoke to quite a few staff members and almost all of them said they hadn't been briefed before the event began, because of this they couldn't answer any helpful event questions. Also after allll those damn emails about whos name is on the tickets and bringing your payment card and ID none of mine were even checked.

Next year if I return I'll be staying in town all day and night. I honestly doubt I'll ever step foot in Preston Park again in my life lol. I'd much rather have spent the day parading and beaching with my LGBT+ family and spent my evening at a drag show or something else that falls into the category of queer performance art.

I'm not saying pride shouldn't be open to all and there should be no festival, I'm just saying people need to remember why the hell they are there in the first place. The days purpose is far bigger then to give people their fix of cheap gig tickets and #festival pictures. Pride for so many people out there is one of the only occasions where they feel fully accepted and it really can (and should!) be a life changing experience.

Also as much as I love a themed outfit you better be a true ally if you're choosing to rock the rainbows hun, it's a representation of support, not just a fashion statement.

AND ONE MORE THING... pick up your damn rubbish! Can we stop pretending like it's so hard please? Those Brighton beach aftermath photos are tragic and it's so easily avoidable. You got it to the beach in the first place, you can get it to a bin.

* * * * * 

I hope this post doesn't come across too negative, but some things need to be said regardless. Pride is so special and we need to make sure that is never forgotten in the pursuit of commercial gain. Thanks for reading.

Until next time, J xx


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