Must Watch Youtube: Defunctland

Friday, 14 September 2018

So it's Friday night, I'm sat here with 10 (cough 7) mini chocolat beignet donuts from Paul and I need something to keep me entertained on this wild night. I'm still on an alcohol and caffeine ban (no detox or diet, just a legit medical ban due to illness) and thought I cannot be the only person at home right now feeling a bit sorry for themselves. So what better time to start a new blog series about my favourite channels & shows to binge watch?!

Must Watch Youtube/Netflix is basically gonna be the exact same concept as my shockingly popular Music I'm Loving series (honestly I have no idea why the numbers for that series are so high) but will focus on an individual channels/shows and my favourite episodes from them. So I hope you're ready to binge watch guys! Get those snacks ready, pyjamas on and lets completely destroy our productivity together!

Defunctland is everything I didn't know I needed from a Youtube channel and in their own words this is what they're all about;

Defunctland is a YouTube series discussing the history of extinct theme park and themed entertainment experiences. We also have a podcast, VR project, spin-off, and a whole bunch of fun stuff!
Now I know most of you are reading this and wondering why the hell you would want to watch this, but I'm going to lure you in with one word...
And just for bants I'm going to throw in another one...

Let's start with Disney! We all have a love for Disney deep down, don't even attempt to @ me on this. Even if you're not that into the films I know for a fact everyone has held up a small animal (or baby) and pretended it's Simba from The Lion King at some point, or made a reference to Cinderella whilst describing a friends glow up. It's in us whether you like it or not because almost everyone alive right now has grown up under Disney's reign.
What else is so hot right now? Documentaries! And what else do we love, even if we wont admit it? DRAMA! So a documentary series about the downfalls of various Disney ventures and parks is obviously going to be amazing and trust me it is. Then once you've soaked up all the Disney videos and you're craving a bit of variety that's where Astroworld comes in. The perfect gateway video from Disney to everything else on the Defunctland channel.
Astroworld is the brutally destroyed theme park that's become a household name thanks to the new Travis Scott album. I knew nothing about this theme park until watching Defunctlands videos on it. I am now so personally offended by the Six Flags companies destruction of the park and it's completely unnecessary demise that I stand wholeheartedly with the people of Houston and support their outrage.
I got so into this particular video that I spent the whole night after doing further research into what exactly happened to the park. It is so appalling how things went down and it's a great cautionary tale about how the greed of a few individuals can literally take away a place of happiness from an entire city of people.
Also it's worth mentioning that I'm mad at Disney now too after finding out about Space Mountain: From The Earth To The Moon. It's the original version of the Space Mountain ride that debuted at Disneyland Paris and you can learn all about it in the Euro Disney episode.
I'm mad because I'll never get to ride this particular version of Space Mountain because they rebranded and dumbed it down by adding lasers and other predictable crap. This took away from it's individuality and unique story telling and they only did it because they wanted to do a new ad campaign... I swear that is everything wrong with the world these days, they will take something beautiful and unique and dumb it down to pretend it's something new just to get a few shares on social media.
Defunctland is just a fab channel that's clearly run by people that are passionate about it. The episodes are so well put together and the unique intros are a great creative touch. If you're a fan of a bit of late night documentary series binge watching you are going to absolutely love this! I don't want to say too much because I want you to be sucked in like I was and find it all new and exciting, so I'm just gonna leave the following videos below for you to enjoy.
Honestly this is one of the most interesting channels I've stumbled across in a while and I really hope at least a few of you fall in love with it. Shout out to everyone else spending their Friday night wrapped up in blankets surrounded by snacks and knees deep in the weird part of the Internet! You are my people, enjoy x

You can check out all their other videos at

Until next time, J xx


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