2 Pinterest Recipes I Can't Stop Making

Thursday, 4 October 2018

The number one thing I love Pinterest for is discovering recipes. In my opinion it's the best place to find quick easy dinners and over the years I've tried more then I can remember. 

I really do love cooking, but being a busy city girl I never have the time. I'm also really not a fan of those unnecessarily over the top recipes you usually see in tasty videos. The ones where it takes 20 steps to make the most basic cheese covered meal or stuff a chicken breast for no good reason. My kinda recipes are quick, easy, flavourful and don't need an excessive amount of pricey ingredients. 

These are my top two recipes I discovered on Pinterest. They taste great every time and are shockingly easy to throw together. I don't want to list the exact ingredients and instructions here because I want you to click the link through to the original posters site so they get the credit for their work. But I will talk to through any changes I personally make to the recipe to make it even easier. Enjoy!

H O N E Y   G A R L I C   C H I C K E N

This is quite possibly my favourite dish ever! I love honey, I love garlic, I love saucy food, this is a dream.

The cooking method I always go for is to sear my seasoned thighs (and sometimes a few drumsticks) in a pan then I transfer them over to an oven dish to bake them. I cover the dish with foil to keep them juicy and then when they are done I pop them back in the pan to finish up and do the sauce. 

This is one of the only recipes where I haven't changed any of the ingredients because there wasn't a single unnecessary one in sight! It's a simple 5 ingredient sauce that packs so much flavour and goes down a treat every time I cook it.

My only tip is to not rush your sauce. Give it time to thicken up nicely or else you'll end up with gross watery sauce and it kind of ruins it.

B A K E D   T H A I   P I N E A P P L E   S A L M O N  

I stumbled across this whilst looking for easy salmon recipes and haven't looked for another one since. The tangy sauce is lush and my salmon always comes out perfect.

Instead of using a huge piece of salmon I use individual fillets and put two pineapple rings under each one. I still make the same amount of sauce though because I'm a sauce fiend and also like having extra to put on my rice.

I don't use the cilantro or nuts from the recipe because in my opinion they are unnecessary extras. No one has time to be buying cilantro and nuts just to garnish on top ok, not in my house. In this house we find the quickest route to maximum flavour at minimum cost.

One more thing before you go, the websites both of these recipes are originally from are great! They definitely appreciate the joys of food porn photos and I could scroll through their recipes all day. If you're looking for something new I highly recommend them.

Until next time, J xx

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