7 Of The Best Halloween Experiences & Events In London

Thursday, 11 October 2018

I've turned down multiple invites to Tully's and Thorpe Park Fright Night this year because honestly I can't be bothered to leave the city. Lazy I know, but it's stay at home because it's cold season and the thought of not being able to uber home easily is enough to put me off.

I never hear of many Halloween events happening in London (most good ones are on the outskirts or out of the city) but surely we must have a few?! I mean hello, we are the capital after all! So below is  list of the best events I found around town that are easily accessible via public transport or our favourite app, uber. Enjoy!

1 - PHOBOPHOBIA at The London Bridge Experience

This seems to be London's version of fright night but all under one roof. It's a hillbilly themed walk through experience that claims to set new levels of shock, fear and depravity. It's located just outside London bridge station and VIP upgrades are available.

Tickets start at £31 each and all details are available at www.thelondonbridgeexperience.com/phobophobia-halloween-special


Honestly this sounds like my idea of hell, but I know it will be some peoples idea of heaven so I'm adding it on the list. It's a party that's also an immersive experience that's themed after every rowdy teenagers favourite Halloween movie, The Purge!

The event includes 5 immersive areas, 4 bars, 3 DJs and they are also running a shuttle bus from the venue to North Greenwich station frequently through the night. I only don't like it because the whole idea behind The Purge really freaks me out lol, but other then that I think this sounds great.

Tickets start from £10 each and all details are available at www.purgelockdownparty.co.uk

3 - THE COPYCAT: Immersive Horror Experience at The Collab

This one sounds amazing! It's an immersive experience that's part horror show, part murder mystery and part escape room. It's a brand new show that's started this year and they aren't giving too much away on the website other then a very creepy trailer. Of all the events in this post though this is the one that intrigues me the most. It's also located close to Borough Tube Station so still nice and accessible.

Tickets are £22.50 each and all info can be found at splutter-theatre.weebly.com

4 - PLEASURE vs PAIN: 5 Course Multi-Sensory Supper Club

This is the perfect option for those of you who want a little romance with your Halloween night out. Their website describes the event perfectly so I'm going to be cheeky and just copy and past it below.

Pleasure Vs Pain: a series of one-off supper-clubs featuring a 5 course menu of daring delicacies and paired tipples guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your heart racing all at once. We’ve carefully curated each course to deliver a multi-sensual dinner party, incorporating sight, taste, touch and sound to deliver a full body dining experience like never before

The evening is £40 per person and all details for the event can be found at www.thelittlebluedoor.co.uk


If you don't already know I'm actually a real life Crystal Maze TV show contestant AND the proud owner of a REAL Crystal Maze crystal. So obviously I'm going to be a fan of this Halloween edition of their London experience! 

The Dark Maze is an amped up version of their usual experience with a few more treats and tricks to keep you on your toes. From what I've read this sounds like if Thorpe Park Fright Night and the Crystal Maze had a baby which is right up my street. If you've been wanting to try the maze for a while this is the perfect excuse to get a group together.

Tickets start from £49 and all details are available at the-crystal-maze.com/news/dark-maze


Guys I don't mean to alarm anyone but there is a legit Halloween party FOR DOGS happening in Victoria! If I had a dog I would be here in a heartbeat. There's a dog cooking masterclass that ends with a 2 course meal for you and your doggy best friend, a pumpkin hunt and a fancy dress contest. Yeah you read that right, a dog fancy dress contest. Also 10% of tickets revenue is being donated to The Dogs Trust charity!

Tickets start from £15 and all info is available at mrestaurants.co.uk/2018/10/01/the-m-halloween-hounds-party


I've never been to the medieval banquet in London which kills me because it looks so fun! They are also hosting Halloween nights which means this place is a theme on top of a theme and I am living for that. They are based in St Katherine's Dock which is a gorgeous area to walk around at night and also leads out to one of the best views of Tower Bridge ever.

Tickets are £50 and all details are available at www.medievalbanquet.com

And here's one that's not in London but worth an honorary mention....


I went here last year because I love me some HP and really enjoyed it. I will say though.... it could have been a tad more Halloween themed. But if you're a Harry Potter fan you wont care at all because you'll be too busy loving it anyway. You can check out my post from the trip here.

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I hope this post helped you find something to do for hallows eve! Personally I'm going on a slight party bender and will probably book The Copycat experience featured above. Make sure you're following my insta @Jaymfs to see my costumes for this year!

Until next time, J xx

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