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Monday, 1 October 2018

This morning I woke up to find all my social media accounts filled with #Blogtober posts and I being the fabulous/failing blogger that I am had no idea what was going on. After a little research I found out that Blogtober is basically the blog version of Youtubes Vlogtober, which means the creator posts every day for a month.

I am FULLY AWARE of my own track record and acknowledge that the chances of me completing this are quite slim, but I'm going to go for it! Who knows, I might smash it. We'll only know if I try.

I also asked on instagram @Jaymfs if you guys would like me to do it and the answer was a resounding yes. Half of me loves you all for encouraging me to give things a go, but the other half of me is raging that you just created a month of work for me lol.

To start I thought I'd explain why I want to get involved...

To be more involved in the 'community'

I'm definitely a bit of a lone wolf in the blogging world. I came from Youtube so I don't really know anyone here and I never really participate in stuff like this. It would be nice to be involved for once so I'm just going to insert myself and who knows what will come of it.

My commitment issues are out of control

I used to be a really committed person who stuck to their goals and targets, but the past year has been a hot mess. I'm now that person who could potentially cancel last minute and doesn't follow through with ideas, it aint cute. It started after that car accident I was in last summer and a lot of my offline life is now focused on improving this. I never thought about extending this personal challenge to my blog but Blogtober gives me the perfect opportunity to do so. 

An actual medical professional once told me that my loss of the ability to commit is due to the fact that I no longer believe in tomorrow after the accident. That's honestly one of the most depressing things anyone has ever said to me but I think it's true. I got read to filth and it never sat well with me, so I've joined a few clubs where I have to turn up every week and I'm going to work on this. All because I'm not good at it right now doesn't mean I can't be a pro again in the future.

I just want to know if I can

My blog content comes and goes. Some months I'll post twice a week and some months I'll post nothing. Consistency is not my strong point when it comes to ALBOE (even before the above issue) and I've always blamed this on my preference to post quality over quantity. But what if this is just an excuse I made up in my head? I've never actually attempted daily posts so who am I to know what I'm capable of unless I push my boundaries?

So this is me pushing my boundaries.

I've shockingly managed to think up 30 posts today but I would LOVE if you guys could let me know anything specific that you'd like to be included! Leave a comment below or you can reply to the insta story I just posted on @Jaymfs, or even just slide into my insta DMs.

I'm half looking forward to and half terrified by this, but I guess either way I'll see you tomorrow!

Until next time, J xx

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