The DIY Fresh Pasta Kit You Have To Try

Tuesday, 12 May 2020 London, UK

If there's one thing I've missed during lockdown it's eating out. More specifically, I've missed pasta. Yes I know pasta is the unofficial food of quarantine, but dry pasta just isn't not the same and jar sauces don't even slightly compare to freshly prepared ones. So when an instagram ad popped up saying I could have fresh pasta dishes delivered that can be prepared in 5 minutes I didn't hesitate to sign up!

In response to closing for lockdown Nonna Tonda have launched a home delivery service. Their kits include everything you need to make a tasty pasta dish with ingredients that have been freshly prepared on the day. Our first dish was 6 hour braised ox cheek stracotto with pappardelle and it was delicious!

After cooking mine I can confirm that theres no way you could possibly get this wrong lol. The kit comes with instructions that are super easy to follow and the end result was far better than I ever expected. My other half even compared it to one of his favourite dishes from Padella which is a big complement.

This whole experience has inspired me to find other restaurants near me that are offering similar services as this is a great way to support independent businesses whilst also eating great food. What's not to love about that? 

Let me know if you know of anywhere doing something similar and also be sure to check out the Nonna Tonda website to see if they deliver to you too. I promise it's worth it and they offer 50% off your first 2 deliveries! 

Until next time, J xx

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