Instagram Made Me Buy It - Friday by JW Pei Bags Review

Saturday, 23 May 2020

If there's one thing Instagram is great at its targeted ads. I don't know how they do it but they've figured out exactly what I love and I struggle to scroll through that app without seeing something I want to buy. After months of the app teasing me with these bags I finally cracked and made an order from Friday by JW Pei and boy was I not disappointed!

If you follow any fashion influencers it's likely you've already seen these bags. Their simple and chic design is a hit with many making them hard to miss. They have frequent sales too which is fab and when I saw an offer that lowered the price to around £25 per bag instead of £89 I knew it was time to treat myself.

I went for the mini flap bag in dark green and brown croc. They come with a thick shorter strap but some colours also have a thin long strap available too which is my personal preference. The thick shorter strap is nice but personally I prefer something a bit more classic like the long strap. Also as a tall girl I find short straps always come up a bit tight on me, unless they are adjustable which this one is not.

I wasn't expecting much considering I got these for around £25 but the quality is great! The material is thick and sturdy, the interior has multiple compartments and the hardware is lovely. It's also holding up really well considering the brown one has been my everyday bag for months. It still looks barely used and the gold embossed logo on the front hasn't faded at all. It's also worth noting that these bags are made from vegan leather and recycled plastic.

Inside consists of two compartments, each with their own side pocket. One has a zip and the other is an open top. The straps are detachable and the hardware on them is engraved with a JW Pei logo. Each bag also has a high quality latch at the front which I've never had an issue with, unlike some other bags I own.

I got a few extra straps too which I love and can also use with bags I already have. I need to give a special mention to the gold chain strap because it's absolutely gorgeous in person and has a nice weight to it which is what I look for in chain straps. Unfortunately the straps don't come in any special packaging, but the bags come with a dust bag and marble print box which is a fab bonus.

If I'm being honest, I already know I want to order another (the ice croc line is to die for!) but there's definitely a few cons to these that are worth mentioning...

Firstly the long thin adjustable strap is not available in all colours. I find this so annoying because I prefer this strap by far and would have already bought more colours if this was available. Secondly the croc print is a different shape on a lot of the bags. Again, this isn't really a problem, but I'm picky and have a preference.

As you can see though my complaints are minor, so if you're considering buying one of these I still recommend you do. I adore mine and the second they release that thin strap in more colours I won't be able to resist ordering more!

Until next time, J xx


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