My thoughts on Gelish = It's love!

A few months back I decided enough was enough when it comes to chipped nail varnish. A good manicure is the perfect accessory to any outfit but a chipped one is horrid. I've never had acrylics as it's just not something that appeals to me but I can't help but admire girls who have perfect permanently pretty nails, so when I found out about Gelish I had to give it a go!

Gelish is a gel manicure that is set (dried) under a UV or LED light which means absolutely no smudges! It's dried instantly! They also boast that Gelish manicures can last up to 3 weeks with no chips or fading and I'm here to tell you they're right!

I got my first set in September in time for my Ibiza holiday and I went with a sheer nude colour. The nail technician warned me that because this colour is quite sheer it's more prone to chips then the others. I went on holiday, endured some absolute Ibiza carnage fun times and came back with OK nails, but there was a few chips after 10 days.

I decided to give Gelish another go and got a dark grey colour. This was a much more pigmented colour and looked amazing under the light! This set lasted for 28 days! I couldn't believe it! I only got them redone because my infills looked so bad haha. The below picture is my nails on the 27th day. The one chip I have on my thumb only happened on the 24th day.

Next I decided to go for a gorgeous navy colour and was impressed again. My nails grew quite long when I had the grey ones on, I decided not to cut them when I changed to navy as I wanted to see if the Gelish held as well on longer nails and it does. Below is my nails after 17 days and I only have one tiny little chip!

I am so impressed with Gelish! A lot of people have recommended that I try Shellac but to be honest, Gelish is almost half the price of Shellac at my local salon (Shellac are £35 and Gelish is £20) and I don't really see what more Shellac could offer me. Also one of my friends told me that my Gelish last way longer then her Shellacs ever have and that my Gelish are shinier soooo yeah, Gelish all the way!

If you've never tried it before I highly recommend it! 

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Until next time, J xx

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