Make Up Brushes for Beginners - E.l.f Brushes

As some of you will know I started this blog to encourage myself to have more fun with my make up and style. I'm not one of those girls who seems to have been born with perfect make up application skills haha I need all the help I can get! One of my first tasks was finding a nice set of brushes.

I have the most random brush collection going. They are a mix of random brushes that have come free with makeup, Christmas brush sets from boots, random set's I've ordered off the internet after watching one too many make up tutorials and to be honest some of them I don't even know how I got them!

I really wanted some nice brushes but as a beginner I just wasn't ready to shell out hundreds for a Mac set. With most designer brushes being ridiculously overpriced I was kind of stuck in the middle. When I'm more of a make up pro and really into it all then OK, I'll probably get a Mac set, but whilst I'm still making up everything as I go along, I need something cheaper.

Then I discovered E.l.f brushes.

A colleague from work kept telling me about this amazing brush she had gotten from E.l.f for just £3.75. It was the E.l.f powder brush and she was using it for her foundation which I must say looked great. So with proof of this products skills sitting right next to me, I decided to get my own!

I already knew I'd be ordering a few, at only a few pounds each I couldn't resist. Luckily for me when I went on their site to order they where having a 3 for 2 promotion on all brushes! Meaning I got 6 brushes for around £15! PERFECT beginners price!

The small angled brush is exactly what I needed for my brows. after losing the most perfect brow brush ever (and I somehow lost it in my own room!) I just couldn't find a brush that was firm enough to apply to product exactly how I like it. It's been a hard few weeks of having not quite right eyebrows, thank god this brush has saved the day! The eyeliner brush is also great. I've been consistently getting a lovely thin line of eyeliner even when I'm in a rush.

I'm also really impressed by the powder brush. I use it for my liquid foundation and it works a treat! I bought the stipple brush as an alternative for my liquid foundation but I'll most likely save this one for cream blushes and tinted moisturizers as it's not as firm as I like my foundation brushes. There just doesn't seem to be enough bristles to this brush for my liking.

 As for the blush brush and the complexion brush, they're great too. The blush brush is a little on the small side but that's exactly what I was looking for, I want more control when applying my blush and found my old brush applied way too much product at once whilst this one picks up smaller amount of product allowing me to build the blush to my desired shade. The complexion brush is great for powders and bronzers!

I'll most likely be using these brushes in many of my makeup tutorials from now on so keep an eye out for them. I used almost all of them in my most recent tutorial and frequently use them in all of my tutorials at . I'd highly recommend these to make up newbies like myself as they are great quality for the price and like a said earlier, the perfect price for beginners!

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  1. I love the ELF brushes! I only like their face brushes though, not so much their eye brushes. I don't know if you can get them in the UK but my favorite eye brushes come from Sonia Kashuk and Bdellium. They're not too terribly priced either.

    Mo |