FRIDAY FINDS: My Weekly Fashion Wishlist

1- Boohoo Fashion Victim Cropped Tshirt, £12 Buy Here
2- Missguided Adonisa Strappy Sandals, £34.99 Buy Here
3- Topshop Monochrome Playsuit, £30 Buy Here
4- Zara Jeans With Painted Spots, £39.99 Buy Here
5- Topshop Moto Indigo Borg Biker Jacket, £60 Buy Here
6- Religion Dungarees, £75 Buy Here
7- Missguided Araika Ankle Boots, £39.99 Buy Here
8- Zara Printed Leather Slipper, £69.99 Buy Here
9- Boohoo Ivy Vintage Acid Wash Denim Jacket, £30 Buy Here
10- Zara Mini Neoprene Bucket Bag, £22.99 Buy Here
11- Boohoo Kora Simplicity Slogan Tshirt, £10 Buy Here
12- Boohoo Izzy Polka Dot Boot, £30 Buy Here

1- Topshop Floral Jacquard Shorts, £34 Buy Here
2- Topshop Burnout Leaf Runner Shorts, £34 Buy Here
3- Topshop Floral Jacquard Kimono, £55 Buy Here
4- Topshop Spot Collar Playsuit, £48 Buy Here
5- New Look Double Strap Sandals, £29.99 Buy Here
6- Topshop Nectar Ankle Strap Sandal, £58 Buy Here
7- Zara Crewneck Coat, £79.99 Buy Here
8- Zara Printed Tshirt, £25.99 Buy Here
9- Zara Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, £29.99 Buy Here
10- Zara Messenger Bag, £39.99 Buy Here
11- Zara Printed Skirt With Buckle, £39.99 Buy Here
12- Zara Silver Strappy Sandal, £59.99 Buy Here


  1. I've always been a fan of the edgy rocker look (It brings me back to my pre-teen emo days haha!) but I definitely look better in sweet, girly outfits. That bag in the second bunch speaks to me. I must have it!!