Valentines @ Future Cinema's Who Framed Roger Rabbit Photos and Review

So for valentines this year we went to Future Cinema's production of who framed roger rabbit. Described as 'live cinema' the event was like the theatre and an old school movie screening rolled into one. Switch the cinema chairs for intimate tables for 4 and the popcorn for a bar, add a lively cast to act out the scenes of your favourite movie in full theatrical style, place dozens of actors inside AND outside the venue to create the perfect atmosphere and that's Future Cinema.

Read more to find out my thoughts on the event, a description of the evening as a whole and for more of my favourite photos that I took on the night! 

So we turned up at the Troxy to find the front doors locked only to discover that we would be entering through the back entrance today. We turned the corner, joined the queue and right then and there the show began. Actors strolled up and down the road beside us loudly talking and interacting with the people in the queue. They were acting out roles from the movie, Dressed to the nines and always in character. It was great fun! There I was standing in the rain, soaked and moody and they still managed to make me laugh. 

We were directed down a side road in groups and taken to the back door of the Troxy. A member of the group was chosen to knock and the door was answered in true ink and paint club style... it was answered by a toon! The secret password that we had obtained by calling a dedicated voicemail was said and we all headed in. 

As you walked through the backstage corridors of the Troxy you could gradually hear the music getting louder and louder. The corridors where dimly lit and nothing was given away until you walked through the curtains into the main room and it all hit you at once. Actors everywhere and the live band playing away, the scene was beautifully set and you could feel the excitement in the air. There's no seating plan so I'd recommend getting there early in order to grab the best seats.

So lets talk about the food and drink. Drinks prices were decent with a double jack with coke and a white wine spritzer costing around £10.50. Everything was served in plastic or on foam takeaway containers which is fine but considering this was a valentines date it kind of didn't add to the romance haha but that's just me being ridiculously picky. We got two of the above for £7 each and my god the gherkins were good!! I'm not really a gherkin person but these were beautiful! The meat was pretty good but far too juicy, I gave up on the last quarter of the baguette as is was soaked and falling apart.

An actor walked up to us whilst we were waiting for the show to start, offered us the below and I just had to share them with you! These smith and Sinclair jellies are VERY alcoholic, with 3 of these containing the same amount of alcohol as a cocktail. Seeing as I'm quite the fan of alcohol I bought a pack of each flavour and then a few more haha. I can't remember what the flavours were but I can remember the effect! These are the first alcoholic sweets that have ever helped me get drunk! Definitely worth a try if this is your type of thing, they also made fun additions to a party i went to the next night.

The venue was great. This was my first ever visit to the Troxy and I loved it! An old school cinema with plenty of space and beautifully high ceilings. The venue was filled with little round tables that seated 4 each decorated with a dimly lit table lamp that really set the ink and paint club mood. The stage was shaped like the actual ink and paint club stage which was a nice touch. The screen was up on the main stage and the band positioned just in front.

The pre show entertainers (everything from tap dancers to pianists) were great at their roles! Shout out to the diva who was fantastic and Jessica Rabbit who really got into character. There were a few technical glitches but it was opening night so that didn't surprise me at all. I wont say much more because I don't want to ruin it for people but I will say this...

My overall impression was good but I wasn't blown away and at almost £50 a ticket I expected a bit more to be honest. Once food and drinks were added it was probably about £75 each which is pretty steep for one night of what is essentially glorified cinema. Regardless of that it was a fun night, I would only ever go again if it was a movie I loved or for a special occasion. I would not recommend bringing children due to the amount of drunken fun, sick through the hallways and projectile vomit on the bathroom doors I had the pleasure of seeing and because if they didn't know the story already I think they'd leave feeling a bit confused by it all. Over all I had a good night but for £75 I could have a good night in plenty of places.

Scroll down to see more of my favourite photos from the night!

The show is running until the 23rd of February and tickets are available at

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