ASOS Marketplace @ The Fox Problem ft. Bumble & Bumble and Smashbox Cosmetics

So I was wondering through Shoreditch on my way to stuff my face at The Breakfast Club when I got a text from a friend saying there was an ASOS and Smashbox event going on nearby. So like any girl I naturally wondered in that direction on the way home and of course took a few photos for you guys!

So the event was actually quite cool. It's a play on the online ASOS marketplace but this time it's a real life market featuring brands that sell through the site. Just a chic real life market that also offers you makeovers courtesy of Smashbox and Bumble & Bumble! I'd read online that the Smashbox makeup vending machine may be making an appearance but unfortunately there was no sign of it. A pity because I find the idea of a vending machine full of makeup ridiculously appealing and had already been mentally planning how much money I could afford to waste in it. 

The event was hosted at The Fox Problem which I still after weeks of walking past cannot figure out. The website says they are a YouTube channel but doesn't real explain the concept of the venue well leaving me more confused. Am I going to pop up in the back of a YouTube video if I wonder into the venue at the wrong time?! Who knows! I'll let you know if that happens but for now you can find out more about them at

Back to the event... If I was in the mood for a shopping spree I'd have been in my element. It was seriously refreshing to be surrounded by quirky designers each with their own vision in a venue that wasn't littered with out of proportion mannequins and over photo shopped photos plastered on every wall. It was just bare brick walls, rails of clothing and their designers proudly talking you through their collections. I LOVE meeting designers and owners because I just adore the amount of passion they have regarding their collections, you can actually see the love and pride in their eyes.

So many Beautiful pieces caught my eye and the addition of the Bumble & Bumble and Smashbox stands made for a perfect girly afternoon. However, I can't help but wonder if the event was marketed well. It wasn't that busy for an event taking place on a Sunday afternoon and whilst I was there not a single person wondered over to the Smashbox and Bumble & Bumble area. Regardless of this I would definitely visit if they ran this event again. The idea is great and any excuse to check out fresh new designers is ALWAYS a good excuse. Broadening your fashion horizons is never a bad idea.

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