Mothers Day @ The Country Bumpkin

So it was Mothers Day on Sunday which meant a day out of the city to visit my Mum, Nan and Sisters. I really can't figure out how I feel about the countryside. On the one hand I'm like yuk! nooo, hills and fields of grass and trees and cows take me back to the city!! But then on the other hand it is really nice being in the middle of nowhere. No bright glaring lights, fresh air, trees, green stuff lol there's not a lot of green in London, just a lot of grey. I'll admit it, the countryside is rather refreshing, but I will always be a city girl at heart.

So we went to The Country Bumpkin which is a cute little afternoon tea place in the middle of nowhere. I honestly have no idea where we were but I do know this, the cakes are very good and there are two llamas living in a field nearby. Unfortunately I have no photos with the llamas as they had no interest in coming near me. However, I do have a picture of a small monkey like creature and myself with a goat that will be posted in a future blog post so if goats and mini monkeys rock your boat make sure you subscribe!

I wont lie, I had a great day. There was cake and animals involved which is always a plus and I got to see my family all together which is a very rare occasion. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

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