REVIEW: Seventeen Backlash Mascara

A few weeks ago I picked up Seventeen's Backlash mascara whilst aimlessly buying everything in Boots. To be honest I picked it up so I'd have a bad mascara to compare the other 3 mascaras I was buying to for a post I was planning for this blog. I'd never heard of Backlash or any other Seventeen mascaras so I really wasn't expecting much but to my surprise this mascara ended up being my favourite out of the four I bought that day.

There's just something about this mascara that has me reaching back to it time and time again! It has become my most used and my go to everyday mascara. 

I have short stubby little lashes that tend to clump together. I prefer a mascara that adds length and not too much volume and separates my lashes to give the illusion of more, this mascara does all three!

Its super easy to build up too without clumping. One or two coats is great for a quick get ready and go look or apply a few more for a more dramatic eye. I will definitely be re purchasing this when I run out and continuing to use it as my everyday, I've barely touched any others since I bought it!

It costs £6.49, is available at Boots and I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for an inexpensive mascara for everyday use.

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  1. loooool as if you bought this hoping it would be shit that's so funny. Have you tried cliniques high impact mascara? its like £17 but its so good for fullness xx