Free from Frizz: Blowout Watermelon Shampoo & Conditioner Review

So I went into boots in search of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner but much to my disappointment couldn't find a thing. So I went for the next best thing, a shampoo and conditioner designed to eliminate frizz.

Free from Frizz caught my eye because of its cute as hell packaging, seriously how was I meant to resist it? It looks like a milk bottle sweet! The smell also tempted me, it's a really sweet watermelon smell and the mango version smelt just as good. The only thing that annoyed me was that the bottle has about an inch of free space at the top making it look like it hadn't been filled. Everyone knows that shampoo companies never fill the bottles but they could at least not make it so obvious.

Nice Packaging
Does help tame frizz a bit, but no major difference.

Stripped my hair of moisture
Made my hair feel fragile
Hard to lather up
Smell doesn't hold in hair
Bottles not filled to top
Bad conditioner

It took me 3 shampoos to get the product to lather up which personally I think is unacceptable. 2 is OK but 3?? That's far more product then I want to use to wash my hair just once. The shampoo stripped my hair of all it's moisture leaving it feeling frail to the point where I was afraid to brush it even under water. The conditioner did very little to help and my hair still felt knotted and fragile, even when I tried to brush it with my tangle teaser I couldn't. I resorted to caking my hair in leave in conditioner just to get a brush through and dry it.

In the next few days I did notice that my hair didn't frizz up as quickly but it just didn't feel right. It felt smooth but it also felt dry, it did stay straighter for longer but is it really worth the risk? I can't imagine how my hair would feel after a few weeks of using this, I honestly think it would cause a lot of breakage. If your hair doesn't require products which boost it's moisture then maybe give it a try but otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

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