Sunday Afternoon Food Adventures: Full Engish's @ Venetia's Coffee Shop

My usual Sunday afternoon consists of finding somewhere that will make me food because I'm far too lazy to make it myself. I do love cooking, but who in the city actually has time to cook? Between a full time job, all my hobbies and my blog I'm always up to something, so in my down time I much prefer to just find a local restaurant and spoil myself. Some girls like handbags, some girls like shoes, this girl likes food.

I wanted a waffle from Creperie Du Monde but the last 3 times I've tried to get one they've not been serving them and today the only seats where in the basement which felt moist and smelt a bit like wet dog (not the norm, I'm normally quite comfy down there) which completely put me off so we decided to try somewhere new. A few doors down we spotted Venetia's Coffee Shop and the 'we serve full english breakfast' sign on the window lured me straight in. 

It's a super cute cafe with a roofed garden area out back which we sat in the the food was so good!! We both had Full English's, I had a raspberry lemonade and my lunch date had some of the nicest freshly squeezed orange juice I've tasted in a while. It was a beautiful food afternoon and I will definitely be visiting again. Also as we waited for our food they gave us some of those tiny sausages pictured and oh my life they are tasty! A very welcomed surprise.

Also check out the first 2 photos. A Spar has just opened nearby and look at those cakes!!! (Insert heart eyes emoji here) So beautiful and Spar is open til 11pm which means hellooo late night cake! Don't those whoopie pies look amazing? 

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