The Topshop Strappy Seam Bralet

Basic pieces are key to every wardrobe and also the bane of my life! Why is it so hard to find good basics on the high street? Not all of us want a rolling stones logo or the latest trending hashtag stamped across our chest. Some of us just want simple good quality pieces, but we also don't want to pay American Apparel prices. Sorry AA, I love you, but no.

Finding a simple cropped singlet has been a mission of mine since last summer. I literally just wanted a cropped singlet top, but I wanted a decent material that wouldn't have tiny holes in after one wash or show every detail of my bra. In came Topshop to save the day! No surprises there.

These tops are a godsend and a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. I love the seam through the middle, it gives it a little extra detail whilst still keeping things basic. The fabric is lovely, a not too thick but also not thin mix (71% Viscose, 25% Polyamide and 4% Elastane for any of you're wondering) that actually provides a bit of support! Well OK my boobs as B's so I'm not the greatest judge of support but I can comfortably wear these without a bra and at £8 each I'm definitely going back for every colour. Available here.


  1. I know that this is super simple, but sometimes they're just the best! I love these kinds of tops because you can wear them under layers or with high waisted bottoms. Also, because you said that you can go sans bra with these...I really have to get them now! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, crop tops are surprisingly versatile! and simple pieces are the way forward. I've just checked the Topshop website and they've released more colours and striped versions, sooo I guess thats are summer top collections sorted! :D x

  2. I have similar problem with finding basics :/ I I find something that looks good it doesn't last very long or the other way around. I tend to buy basic stuff in Primark- even if it doesn't last very long (which is hardly ever the case) at least it's not too pricey :)