Cake In a Jar: Another glorious way to enjoy cake

On a recent shopping trip to Oxford Street I discovered a new underground store called The Sample Rooms. A great hidden gem full of designer bargains complete with an in store DJ and bar! Totally my kind of place. I picked up some great items and as a thank you the owner gifted me and my friend with a Cake In A Jar each.

These adorable gifts are usually priced at £3.45 for a small and £4.95 for a large. After a bit of internet research to find out who made them (there was no website or contact details on the jar, rookie mistake) I found out they are a UK company and come in 8 different flavours including Red Velvet and Vanilla Dream.

These jars are adorable! I got the Cookies and Cream flavour and to be honest I didnt expect it to taste nice because most gimmicky food items are more about the cute look then the flavour but I couldn't have been more wrong. The icing to cake ratio was perfect! Each spoonful was just as good as the first and I love that you could clearly see chunks of Oreo cookie through the glass.

These would be amazing for birthday presents as they can be shipped nationwide. So next time that friend that moved far away for uni's birthday comes around, send them a jar of their favourite cake!

All flavours are available at

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