Girly Date Night: TGI Fridays & The Book Of Mormon

Ashton and I have started this thing where we take each other on dates because why not? What's more fun then dinner, drinks and entertainment with one of your best friends? Also girl dates contain a serious amount of cocktails which is always a plus.

This time we ate at TGI Fridays in Leicester Square which I was a bit skeptical about given my recent TGI experiences. I don't know what's going on at TGI headquarters recently but SO many of their London restuarants have gone down hill! Watered down cocktails and cold stale chips are becoming a regular thing and with great places like Bodeans and Eds Diner on offer I've not seen the point in even suggesting a visit to TGIs. But we decided to give it a go because it was next door to the theatre and they have an extensive cocktail menu. 

Much to my surprise it was great! It's nice to see their main London location hasn't lost it's touch. Ashton got the chicken ceaser salad and I ordered my usual Jack Daniels salmon. A few piƱa coladas and strawberry daiquiris later and we where ready to head into what has been described as the best new edition to west end theatre in years, The Book of Mormon.

Written by the creators of South Park and based on a religion, I didn't really know what to expect but in true South Park style it was crude, inappropriate and more then a tiny bit racist on multiple occasions, but we loved it! Everyone loved it! I've never heard a crowd laugh so much. The sold out show ended with a much deserved standing ovation and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves lewd shocking jokes. The type of jokes where you know you shouldn't laugh but you do anyway. Do not take your children (unless your a cool mum with teen boys because they would totally love you for this) or your very religious relatives. Also I'd seriously suggest not taking any Mormon friends, I really don't know how they'd take it! It's late night cartoon humour, always going too far but not far enough to cause a backlash. Although I'm pretty sure they have had their fair share of complaints.

We ended the night with a little stroll through Piccadilly Circus which is always a beautiful sight. My last picture on this post captures just a touch of the beauty that late night London has to offer.

Until next time, J xx

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