How to get X Factor audience tickets for free

Ever since I went to watch the X factor live auditions last weekend I've had endless messages asking where I bought the tickets and how much they cost. The answer is they are free! 

TV shows are always free to watch and in the past I've been lucky enough to see;

Kylie Minogue at a TV concert filming, I was almost front row!
Fashion shows at MTV studios, as well as be interviewed for the show
Jerry Springer filming a lie detector show for Sky 1, I also met him!
Various bands at MTV studios as part of a small intimate crowd
And so many more, all for free

After not watching anything for years I decided to apply for tickets to the X factor using I'm still on their mailing list from years ago and received a message saying they were seeking large groups for the wembley arena audience and I managed to get 20! I ended up only taking 15 people but they were fine with that and everyone had a brilliant day.

Your probably wondering what the catch is, well your right, the grass isn't all that green! These can be long days and due to the nature of TV filming you never quite know when the start and end time will be. Shows often start late and over run. Also the time your told to arrive and the time the filming starts can vary greatly. On Sunday we were asked to arrive by 12:15 the latest only to then find out that the show wouldn't start filming until 3:30. Luckily we were all hungry and the weather was beautiful so we sat in the sun eating panini's but if it had been a cold rainy day that would have totally killed it for me and I would have just gone home.

I ended up with amazing seats in the third row, right in front of the stage and just to the left of the judges table. I could have easily touched Simon Cowell with just a hop skip and a jump to my right, luckily for him I'm not a super fan. I also caught a glimpse of Cheryl Coles infamous butt tattoo! Clearly the highlight of our day haha. Some of the acts were amazing! I was blown away by a 17 year old soul singer from Essex, keep an eye out for him on upcoming shows, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about the second you hear him sing.

The site I used for the tickets was and they currently have tickets for Big Brother Evictions, X factor Boot Camp and Alan Carr's brand new show so if your TV fan make sure you apply! It's luck of the draw when it comes to whether or not you will get tickets but considering they are free you have nothing to lose.

Until next time, J xx

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  1. Oh wow, that's amazing! I'm soo jealous haha!
    I never win anything but I may just give it a go ;) haha.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful
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