Dum Dum Donuts Appreciation Post

As some of you already know I'm an East London girl. Well I grew up in North London but East has definitely stolen my heart to the point where I wish I'd moved here sooner. My East London experience has been a never ending adventure of vintage sales, all night house raves and amazing street food. Today was another great day for amazing food.

Dum Dum Donutterie opened in Shoreditch Box Park a while back and caught my eye since day one. Donuts, lots and lots of beautiful Donuts. So beautiful in fact that they sell out every damn day. I'd tried heading to the box park after work a few times but I'd always missed out on their coveted croissant donuts aka the cronut. Long had I dreamed of buying their cronuts like I'm not even joking every time I passed the boxpark at night I'd walk a little slower as I passed their shop and just drool a little. So when I finally had a day off work and no plans I had to go. 

Now I can finally say.... IVE EATEN A CRONUT!
And the Cronut was beautiful, I'm talking tears of joy beautiful.
I had the Strawberries & Cream and donut eating partner had the Peter Andre Yum Yum Dum Dum. Both were equally as stunning.

I think they were £3 each but I can't quite remember, I was too busy being blinded by the donut beauty to really know what was going on. In conclusion, if you find yourself in Shoreditch on a winters afternoon, stop by the Donutterie and forget all your troubles for a few minutes whilst you stuff your face with a tiny piece of heaven.

Until Next time, J xx

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