Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser REVIEW

Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - Available Here

Over the year I've been testing out cleansers, trying to find the perfect one that will get rid of my makeup and leave my skin feeling fresh. It's amazing how many cleansers out there leave a sticky residue on your skin! I can't stand the feeling of leftover product, it makes me break out and causes oil to build up so much quicker. I'd almost given up on finding a cleanser that did it all but then I discovered cleanse and polish...

This is not a drill people, I have found my holy grail!

Twice this year I have ignored this product. It has popped up in beauty boxes and sat on my shelf waiting to be given away to the first family member to spot it. In all honesty it just seemed like more effort then it was worth. The whole concept of massaging the product into your skin then soaking the muslin cloth in warm water and polishing your skin and then leaving the muslin cloth to dry just sounded time consuming and over complicated. I'm a city girl, we have no patience, anything that sounds like it'll take longer then 3 minutes is an automatic no. 

But I finally cracked last night and decided to give it a go. The words Liz Earle have been popping up so much within the beauty community recently that I just had to know if the cleanse and polish was really worth the hype. My verdict after the first use is.... It deserves ALL the hype. This product deserves fireworks and a bank holiday in it's honor! It is hands down the best cleanser I've used all year! I'm currently editing this post a week later and I am still obsessed and stand by everything I wrote in this first impressions post :)

 - The good bits -

It's SO easy to use!
I thought it would take far longer but the process is so quick! It's like the makeup just melts off of your skin.

It's easy on the eyes.
I am over using products that sting my eyes. As a contact lens wearer I go the extra mile to make sure everything I use is gentle and this product did not sting at all or leave my eyes red. I rubbed it over my eyelids to remove my eyeliner and mascara and it gently lifted the product off.

The results are instant.
I've used this product once and although I would usually wait until I've used a product a few times to review it, I feel like this product is an exception. It's instant gratification. My skin is far smoother and completely oil and makeup free after just one use. As I edit this a week later I can confirm that my skin still feels and looks awesome every time I use it and I'm still completely in love :)

The exfoliating muslin cloth is brilliant. 
As my regular readers/viewers will know, I love a bit of exfoliation! This cloth left my skin feeling smoother than it did after a facial I had last week. It also gently removed the harder dead skin which builds up around my nose in the winter and was gentle enough to use around my eyes and on my lips.

It takes off ALL of your makeup!!! Mascara and all!
Never have I taken off all of my makeup so easily. Never ever. This cleanser took off all my face products AND my eye products including eyeliner and mascara and it got absolutely every single bit. Until now I had been using one cleanser for my face and then an alternative make up remover for my eyes. Even then I was still left with little bits of black liner or mascara that just wouldn't budge! I'd settled for dealing with them the next morning before my shower. This morning was the first time in a very long time that Id woken up and there was not a tiny spec of black eye makeup anywhere near my eyes or on my pillow. The amount of times I've thought I got it all off only to wake up with a mini case of panda eyes is far too often for my liking but today I woke up completely and utterly fresh! and that's when I knew that I was in love with this product.

- The bad bits -

The only downside is that the price is not the cheapest. The limited edition 150ml bottle I'm using is £19.75 which I personally don't think is that bad and it works so it's not like your spending your money on a dud product.

I'm currently using the limited edition sweet orange and mint version and it smells lovely! A light fragrance that is not over powering and doesn't linger on the skin for too long. I can't comment on the scent of the original formula but if it's anything like this one I'm going to go ahead and assume its also lovely.

If your considering trying this product I think you should. You can buy sample sizes on the website starting at just £3.25 for the product and the muslin cloth which I think is amazing! Such a good way for people to figure out if it's right for them before committing to buying a large bottle.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Until next time, J xx

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