Red Velvet Cupcakes @ The Hummingbird Bakery

For some reason I've never tried Hummingbird Bakery's infamous Red Velvet Cupcakes. I've been to the bakery loads and I'm a huge fan of their Vanilla Cupcakes but for some reason I've always ignored the Red Velvet's. So when Becca and I were craving something sweet I knew it was time to finally try them!

We popped into the Wardour Street branch which is located just off Oxford Street and opposite one of my favourite oriental fusion restaurants, Inamo. The decor is adorable, it's like walking straight into an American diner but with a slightly more mature feel. It's all about the cakes from the moment you walk in with the right hand of the store being wall to wall cake displays and the left hand being a small seating area.

I grabbed my usual Vanilla Cupcake and a Red Velvet which turned out to be amazing! I totally believe the hype now! The icing was absolutely gorgeous and I now can't decide which I love more. Next time we visit I'm going for the Rainbow Cake as it was calling my name and I can't actually believe I left without it.

For those of you who have been before let me know which cake is your favourite. It's about time I stopped being so vanilla and started sampling what else Hummingbird has to offer!

Until next time, J xx

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