My 5 lbs in 5 days detox diary & results

Before I start this blog post I'd like to say the following... I am a big fan of Jason Vale and his juice detox programs. Such a fan in fact that I've been reading his books and participating in his detox programs for 5 years now and have previously done the 7 lbs in 7 days program and Turbo Charge Your Life in 14 days. This isn't a new thing I'm trying, this isn't a sponsored post and this isn't some last ditch attempt at losing weight as fast as possible. For me this is about refreshing my body, eliminating my junk food cravings and genuinely feeling better from the inside out.

SO LETS GET STARTED! But first here's a little juicing back story about me....

I've been thinking about doing a juice detox since around Christmas time. It's been over a year since my last one and my junk food cravings are in full force. I definitely have a problem when it comes to junk food and ordering in, I would go as far as to say I am slightly addicted to ordering food. It doesn't matter where from like it's not a pizza addiction or an Indian food addiction, I just love the fact that I can have a beautiful meal delivered to my door in just a few taps of my iphone. It's an incredibly expensive and unhealthy habit that does make me gain weight but more importantly then that, it makes me feel like crap.

My initial foray into juicing was about 5 years ago during my university days. I gained a heap of weight as you do when you're a student living off two for Tuesdays pizza and Iceland frozen food and I was admittedly looking to loose weight quickly. I heard about juicing (it was no where near as popular at the time) and the idea of losing 7 lbs in just 7 days was far too appealing for me not to try so I went for it! I lasted 6 days and lost 10 lbs but more importantly, I felt amazing! Before you start these programs you watch all the videos of these overly smiley people talking about how alive they feel (as you sit there eating your family sized galaxy bar lol lets not lie) and it all sounds like crap. It's like an infomercial on loop at 2am when all the good TV has ended. But there I was, feeling and looking fantastic! From then on juicing has been a key part of my lifestyle.

It's not easy. At the start flushing all the sugar, junk food and caffeine out of your system is going to leave you feeling moody, frustrated and head-achy. My first detox was by far the hardest. I was a uni student so my diet at the time was junk food and caffeine, then all of a sudden I had no food and no caffeine and spent most of the week hating life. I wont sit here and tell you you'll be fine because you're going to be smelling the cheese pizza your housemates have ordered and wondering why in the world you ever filled your fridge with fruit. But I will tell you this, there is some serious sunshine after the rain so if you can stick it out and step up your will power then I highly doubt you will regret this.

Below is my daily 5 lbs in 5 days diary and a breakdown of my results as pros and cons for anyone interested in a more detailed review of the program, what to expect and what I got out of it. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and always remember that it's not all about weight loss. Programs like this are best used as a way to jump start a healthy eating lifestyle and refresh your body through raw nutrition.

My Daily 5lbs in 5 days Daily Juicing Diary

Today is the day! And I'm feeling really positive! The idea of this only last 5 days is way more appealing then the 7 day or 14 day program and this time around I will be preparing all juices the night before so I can simply grab and go in the morning. Jason recommends that you make your juices fresh and drink them as soon as possible after extraction but my life just wont allow that. I work full time, compete with 2 competitive cheerleading teams, run a youtube/blog and live an actual life in between. Plus I absolutely HATE making my juices in the morning! Not only does it wake up everyone else in the house but it also takes about 30mins to an hour to prep, make and clean everything and I am not a morning person! So this time around I knew that one of the changes I would be making would be making my juices the night before rather then the morning of, so far this has improved my detox experiences tremendously and I'm only on day one. I've drunk my first juice and can feel a slight headache coming on which I've come to expect from previous detox's so I'm just pushing through. At this moment in time I feel fine apart from the slight headache, I dont feel hungry, I dont feel drained and I'm looking forward to cheer training tonight.

I felt pretty tired this evening and was a little upset due to some personal things so I didn't have the greatest night, but other then that I felt absolutely fine! I prepped all my juices for the next day at about 9:30 and also made my dinner juice at the same time. I was supposed to have my dinner juice at 7 but I was at cheer training until 8:30 so rather then pre make it I chose to make it fresh a little later then schedule. I've been craving food but not because I'm hungry, I just miss the act of chewing and crunching into food. Also my headache from earlier wore off in the late afternoon and hasn't returned since.

Today I feel ok, a little on edge though as I feel a bit toooo good. I'm expecting some kind of major headache or exhaustion to hit me later on but so far so good. My morning juice was surpringly nice considering it contains half an unpeeled lemon! But the citrus taste is right up my street and it's left me feeling energetic and ready for the rest of my day. I'm not looking forward to my afternoon juices though because they contain my one true veggy enemy.... the beetroot. But I will close my eyes and imagine its a chocolate milkshake lol so I'm sure I'll be fine.

I absolutely loved my last juice of the day! I've been making my last juice fresh when I get home from work and decided to throw in a little extra avocado to make it extra creamy and it turned out great. After my evening juice I felt so full, like I'd had a huge meal and in a weird way I could actually feel the nutrients working. According to the app I should be over the hard part by now and although tomorrow may be a little shaky I should start to feel great soon. However it's worth mentioning that on my way home I had a sudden moment of exhaustion, I just completely could not be bothered and would have happily napped right there on the street. I sat down for a bit and it passed after a while but was extremely draining.

Today's morning juice was very similar to the Saturday morning smoothies I like to make which was a welcome surprise! It's pretty much exactly the same ingredients we would use and turns out thick like a smoothie. The addition of seeds gave it a different texture with a slight crunch to it which was a great change from the past two days of untextured liquid. One change I've noticed in myself is that I'm in a really good mood. The usual annoying people at work aren't grinding my gears as much and I believe the juices are playing a part in my happiness.

I forgot to write about this evening but considering I cant remember anything substantial happening I'm guessing I had an easy juice night. All I remember is being snuggled in bed with my berry juice and binge watching once apon a time lol.

I'd read on someone else's blog that today's morning juice is pretty rank and can now confirm that it does indeed taste a bit like pond water. Even when freshly made it has a weird brown tinge to it. This juice is by far my least favourite juice of the week and that's saying something considering I highly dislike the previous beetroot juices! I still feel fine apart from the occasional light headache but I'm starting to think that's due to lack of sleep and not caused by the detox.

My afternoon juices were great! Orange and carrot juice is actually really nice and a juice I'd happily make myself on a casual basis. This evening I had 2 hours of cheer training which consisted of an hour of gymnastics and an hour of stunting. I got through my training session fine and had loads of excess energy, I'd even go as far as to say I had more energy then I usually have. I also feel like my energy lasts throughout the day more rather then burning out towards the evening. I decided to skip my dinner juice as I really disliked the taste and couldn't stand the thought of drinking it again so opted for a cheeky slice of brown bread with nutella instead. I could have easily gone without it but yolo and for the record it tasted like heaven.

This mornings first juice contained beetroot but much to my surprise I didn't hate it. However I juiced an extra apple into the mix to offset the beetroot taste and think that helped. I have a slight headache just at the front of my head but apart from that I'm all good and my energy levels are high. I've also had lots of complements on my skin as apparently I'm glowing!

I'm ending the detox early because I have a dinner to go to tonight meaning my last juice of the detox was the 4pm one. This juice includes parsnip which I was surprised to find I really like! I love cooked parsnip (honey roast parsnip wedges anyone?!) but wasnt sure how they would taste juiced but it's a surprisingly nice addition to the flavour. For dinner I went to Vapiano and had a bowl of pasta lol not the best way to end the detox by far but boy did it taste amazing! They also offered me a free desert but I proudly declined :D I wasn't craving the cheesecake at all which for me is a big deal as I'm usually the first to tuck into any cake available.

MY RESULTS - Pros and Cons

In hindsight this detox wasnt actually that bad. At no point did I completely hate life and the 5 day time period slotted perfectly between my weekends. I do believe I found this detox a little easier then most because I have done similar programs in the past and knew what to expect but for those of you who will be juice detoxing for the first time ever on this plan, expect to hate life a little over the first few days. Of all the programs I've done I'd recommend this one for beginners purely based on it being a Monday to Friday time period. It's an achievable time frame which is short enough for newbies to survive but still long enough to make a difference.

Preparing my juices the night before also helped a lot and eliminated the early mornings which was great! Also having the app instead of a book this time round was a god send as it's very helpful having everything in your pocket at all times. When I did the 7 days and 14 day program I used the book but for all future programs I'll be using the apps. The interactive shopping list and inclusion of videos made the whole experience far easier.

Below are my results separated into pros and cons;

- My energy levels are up and my energy lasts throughout the day.
- I fall asleep easier at night.
- I prefer the taste of healthier foods and sugary takeout food doesn't taste as good as before.
- I lost 6lbs and 2% body fat over 5 days.
- My skin is glowing all over my body.
- I feel motivated and this whole experience has reminded me just how capable I am of achieving things when I put my mind to it.
- I'm no longer craving sugary snacks like cake/crisps etc.
- I can tell when I need a drink of water and no longer mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger.

- The program was pricey. I spent £60 on a new juicer, £15 on flasks and £50-60 on all my fruit and veg.
- My teeth were more sensitive after a few days, probably related to the fruit sugars
- Preparing juices and cleaning the juicer was time consuming and could take up to 1 hour per day.
- I missed food and chewing.
- When I was cranky I was really cranky and had snappy moments in the first few days.

Overall I am happy with my results and feel like I got what I wanted out of this program. Of all the Jason Vale Juice detox's I've completed this is by far my favourite and I'd happily do it again :) 

I hope this post helps those of you who are considering doing the program in the future :)
Until next time, J xx

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