My Beautycon London Experience

Long story short... Beautycon was awesome!

I've never been to an event like this before and even though I watched almost every Beautycon video online I still had no idea what to expect. Was it Imats? Was it a gathering? Was it a show? Normally at this time on a Saturday morning I'd still be asleep but there I was, heading in through the talent entrance surrounded by people who's videos I love to watch. 

The exhibition hall was huge. Full of brand stands and meet & greet areas with creators and viewers alike scattered everywhere. Suddenly it hit me that I'm part of this world and all those numbers I see on my YouTube dashboard are real people! There was a main stage for the panels to take place and a private NYX area for creators (or 'talent' as they called us, but I prefer saying creators) to mingle with other creators. I walked the perimeter about 4 times just trying to take it all in, trying to understand what in the world was going on before hearing the first very happy 'JAYDEE!' from behind me. I turned around and ended up talking to a lovely group of girls who watch my videos for about 15 minutes. We didn't just talk about YouTube, we talked casually about all kinds of things and it felt like I was catching up with old friends. Sharing makeup tips and planning our day, it was lovely.

The overall vibe was amazing. I've heard big YouTubers talk about meet and greets and YouTube events, saying how its like being surrounded by friends and I could never understand how they felt that way when in truth its the same as being surrounded by complete strangers. I'm not great at meeting new people, I'm one of those girls who will happily hide in the corner (or near the food) and be scared to get involved when situations are too overwhelming. But even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people I couldn't have been more comfortable! People say YouTube had lost its community spirit but it's definitely still there! I guess it's just harder to find now seeing as the gatherings and events attract thousands of people rather then the old 20-30 people meeting in the park style gatherings. 

The YouTube creator community was lovely as per usual. It always surprises me how kind and supportive we are of each other. I cheekily crashed Sabrina and Kate's (dollybowbow and lovelaughandmakeup) meet and greet and was shocked every time someone was excited to meet all three of us and not just them haha I still can't believe people knew who I was! I left the day feeling excited and alive rather then drained and intimidated like I usually feel after overwhelming new social situations. I even met Cassie from Blogilates!!! I didn't meet Carli Bybel though which I'm a little gutted about but I heard she looks even more incredible in real life.

The viewers I spoke to were having a great day too. Everyone was excited because Liz Earle were giving away cleanse and polish goody bags and Benefit and NYX were giving away free goodies too. Luckily as a creator I received some amazing brand goody bags but it was awesome to hear that viewers attending also got to enjoy some freebies! It was like Christmas haha everyone was buzzing with excitement!

I took part in 2 interviews, one filmed by NYX that will hopefully never see the light of day! I was a true deer in the headlights whilst they asked me questions and didn't know whether to laugh or cringe afterwards. My second interview was with the ICON UK and went amazingly. I had Mandy (itsamandything) by my side and we make a really great team! Especially considering we had only met that morning. We stayed until the end of the event then headed to dinner and the after party with the rest of the girls from our network before saying our goodbyes.

The best part of my day was meeting the viewers/readers/you guys! I still can't believe it's all real. I went from anxiously not wanting to leave my house that morning to staying at the event until the very end. Everyone I met brought out the best in me and everywhere I looked there were smiles all around. This is why I loved being a YouTuber when I was a younger. I love meeting people with simular interests and connecting through something we both love. Knowing this side of YouTube still exists has reignited my love for it all and I can't wait until the next big get together!

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone I met, viewers and creators alike, you were all amazing. There's been a lot going on in my life recently and you have no idea how much I needed a pick me up. Everyone's kindness effected me more then they will ever know and I'm smiling right now because of you all. I know this post is badly written and probably makes no sense but I wanted to write it out because this day deserves to be more then a memory in my mind and I absolutely failed at vlogging! lol, I was too excited to even remember I own a camera. So it's going to have to be preserved in a rambling nonsensical blog post instead!

Until next time, J xx

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