Because Everyone Loves A Bit Of Swarovski - BassBuds Classic Headphones Review

This product was sent to me for review.
Hey Beauts! I recently had the chance to try out Bassbuds classic in ear headphones and considering you guys know how much I love music I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Let's start with appearance and packaging... I LOVE the swarovski elements design! I have a deep love for blinged up (and borderline tacky) accessories so when I saw these it was instant love. The box is also impressive and reminds me of Beats By Dre and Apple packaging making these a great gift to buy someone else if you're looking to impress them.

The set comes with multiple sizes of earbuds in both clear and black and a small carry case to keep your headphones in. I've never had headphones that come with a carry case but it's a great idea! My headphones are always getting dirty in my bag and having something to keep them clean in is really handy, I'm surprised no other brands provide this. Also included in the box is a certificate of authentication and all the information needed regarding warranty and product care.

The sound quality is good for the price. Admittedly they are not the best headphones I've ever used but for the price they are good. Other headphones I've preferred sound wise have been more then double the price and haven't had as many colours to choose from or the swarovski elements design. I'll be keeping an eye on these and updating the blog post once they have stopped working to give you all an idea of how long they last but they are well built and I'm expecting them to have a long run.

As mentioned earlier I think these would make a great gift for music lovers and anyone who likes their accessories to be a little more glam then usual. There are 10 different colours in this range to choose from, they retail for £39.95 each and are available here.

Until next time, J xx

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