Lash Haul and Revlon Precision Clear Lash Glue Review

Those of you who have been watching my YouTube channel for a while will know I used to have a major lash addiction! My collection of Velour Lashes was never ending and I wouldn't film a video without a set on. Since then I've weened myself off them because it got to the point were I was feeling plain and unattractive without them on which is an unhealthy state of mind and something I wasn't willing to let carry on. But after successfully accepting my lashless eyes for the beauties that they are I decided it was time for a little treat! Because who doesn't love a good set of lashes on a night out and after all, I'd totally earned it right?!

I knew I wanted to head back to the world of cheaper lashes. Velour Lashes and other designer brands can be up to $50 (around £30) a set and as much as I love them I just can't let this go on! Think of how quickly I'll have my house deposit saved if I just buy cheaper lashes?! From now on designer lashes are my occasional splurge and not my go to norm. I googled 'best eyelashes' and that's how I found

As a former lash snob I didn't know what to look for when it comes to cheaper alternatives so this post about the top 10 most popular false lashes was extremely helpful. I ended up just choosing a few from the list and a glue that had high reviews. Delivery was free and much to my surprise they arrived the next morning!

So lets start with lashes...

My first choice was the Ardell Invisiband Lashes in Black Whispies. For some reason in all my years of lash buying I've never had lashes with an invisible band! I honestly feel like I've been choosing lashes all wrong my whole life because these were easier to apply and far more comfortable then lashes with a visible band. Whispie lashes are all the rage in the YouTube world and I can kind of see why now. They have a natural look and look fantastic with a bit of mascara on top. However without mascara I feel like they are a bit too natural. As a girl who is used to full and thick lashes I found these a bit.... lacking? But as I said they are great with mascara and have a believable natural look, I guess I'm just used to the fake look lol. These cost £3.99 and are available here.

I also bought 3 sets of red cherry lashes in #415, #523 and #48. I haven't tried these out yet but have heard great things about the brand and cant wait until the next night out to give these babies a go! I do regret buying both the #415 and #523 though because they look SO similar in real life. You have to really focus to find a difference and the only thing that sets them apart is that the #415 has slightly longer lash hairs. I'd recommend buying one or the other but not both. These cost £2.99 each.

The glue I went for was the Revlon Precision Clear Lash Adhesive. I chose this one after reading some positive on site reviews and consulting a few blog posts about the product. A few people weren't a fan but I have absolutely no regrets! I love the application wand and the glue goes tacky quite quickly meaning not too much waiting around. It's great value for money at just £5.49 and I already know I'll buy it again. The glue held all day and night, was easy to remove and is available here.

I spent about £15 overall (I cant remember the exact amount because I had a 10% off code for this being my first visit to the site) and I'm really happy with my purchase. The website was really helpful and definitly one I'll be returning to when I need another lash fix. I'll also be sticking with this lash glue for a while as it's ticking all the boxes. Let me know what your favourite lashes are and which brands I should try next with a comment below :)

Until next time, J xx

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