Music I'm Loving: Nico & Vins - Am I Wrong (The Rooftop boys Remix)

Now I've been feeling this song for a while now but it was only this morning that I really fell in love with the lyrics. The whole song is an open ended question asking whether it's wrong to want more, to reach for the stars and to believe you can achieve your goals. It's a subject I've struggled with recently as I'm at this point in life where I believe in myself but no one else does and after a while everyone's lack of belief can get you down. I was starting to wonder if I was wrong to believe I could be anything more than what I currently am and then this baby came on shuffle and for the first time I listened to the words properly.

I'm not wrong to want more, to dream big and to believe I can be better in every aspect of my life. There's nothing wrong with dreaming big and you should never let someone elses lack of faith in you convince you otherwise. So when I hear this song now and the chorus asks am I wrong? My answer is a big fat no! 

This beautiful remix was created by The Rooftop Boys who have recently become one of my favourite Soundcloud accounts to listen to. Their mixes are the perfect soundtrack to my Saturday afternoons right now and I can't wait to see what they upload next. Check them out at

Until next time, J xx

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