Music I'm Loving: Felon - Isla Ft. Kaleem Taylor

Sheer perfection. That is all.

This track is everything, I can't believe I haven't heard it sooner and it's blowing my mind that radio stations don't have it on repeat all day. It's an absolute gem of a track that I stumbled across 2 weeks ago whilst aimlessly browsing through soundcloud and it's now my favourite song of the summer.

Felon's entire soundcloud page is the stuff of dreams and they are a London trio too which makes me love them even more. I'd describe their sound as seductive summer UK house music. After reading into them I found out they became a trio whilst working in Ibiza and you can definitely hear the islands influence in their music which is always a good thing! Give Isla a listen below and once you've fallen in love head on over to their soundcloud page and thank me later.

Until next time, J xx

Main Photo Credit: Tumblr

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  1. I really liked this song, I love music like this, LOVE IT! I'll definitely be checking out their other stuff. Most of the summer I've been listening to two albums by ODESZA on repeat, I love their music.