My Favourite Summer Blushes

It's late August meaning us brits better soak up the last of the sun (aka bright weather pretending to be warm but actually just as dull as the rest of the year) whilst we can! So before the long nights return I thought I'd share some of my favourite summer blushes I've been reaching for this year.

Topshop Powder Blush - Do It Again

This blush has been a staple in my makeup collection since I discovered it last summer. It's also a great dupe for Nar's Torrid blush and surprisingly this one is the far better of the two too! It's a warm peach toned shade with beautiful gold undertones which pick up the light wonderfully and eliminate the need for highlighter. When in doubt this is the blush I reach for. The only thing I dislike is the packaging but I've not been a fan of the Topshop makeup packaging since they launched. Unfortunately I can't find a link to this blush on the Topshop website, hopefully it's not discontinued as it's one of my absolute favourites all year round. If my memory is correct it cost around £7-9. I'll keep an eye out and update this blog post with a link if I find one :)

Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush - Candy Glow
I picked this up whilst in Rome earlier in the year and have had a soft spot for it ever since. The packaging is absolutly adorable and there is so much product in the box that I doubt I'll need to re buy it for years. It's a peachy pink shimmer shade that leans more towards a pink then it does a coral and leaves a lovely glow on your cheeks. The love heart shape and detailed packaging make for a great gift too so maybe consider this as a gift for a loved ones birthday soon? I know I will! It costs £24 and is available here.

Tarte Colored Clay Bronzer Blush - Pink Bronze
This one is newer to my collection as it was gifted to me at Beautycon London earlier this summer but it's definitely up there with my favs right now. It's actually a bronzer but on my skin tone I can get away with using it as a blush. This is the one I reach for when I want a no makeup / my skin but better look. A light dusting of this leaves you with a healthy natural glow and it's another winner when it comes to packaging. It's huge making the mirror useful and meaning you have way more product to go through. It retails for $30 (sorry I can only find an american link/price on this one) and is available here.

I love all three but if I had to recommend just one it'd be the Topshop Do It Again blush. My decision is based mainly on the price because this is the more affordable of the 3 but regardless of it's cheaper price it's still just as good if not better then the others. Unfortunatly I cannot find it on the website (hopefully it's just out of stock) so my second choice would be the Too Faced Perfect Flush Candy Glow blush. Let me know what your go to blush has been this summer because I'm totally up for treating myself to a few more before winter returns! :)

Until next time, J xx

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