We Need To Talk About My Takeout - Oishi Sushi

Ok so this is slightly random but as you can see from the array of foodporn photos above, we need to talk about my takeout.

We're currently having our kitchen re done which means our cooking options are limited. I'm managing to make do using the george forman grill and microwave on my nights to cook however my partner is on a takeout tour of London. No complaints here though, who doesn't love ordering food? One night he decided to try something new and that's how we discovered Oishi Sushi.

Look. At. My. Takeout...... Seriously just take a moment.

I've always associated ordering in with foam boxes and badly presented food, but this place just set the bar. Love = takeout turning up looking like this. The cherry on top is that it tastes amazing too! I've always avoided ordering sushi because ordering raw fish just didn't sit right with me. Who knows what conditions the raw food will be kept in whilst being delivered? It felt a bit like I was asking for food poisoning lol. We've order from Oishi a few times now and every time has been great so I can officially confirm that it is indeed safe to order sushi haha in case any of you are as unnecessarily paranoid as me!

The duck gyozas are the absolute stars of the show! They seriously make wagamama look basic. The chicken teriyaki with noodles isn't pictured above because I didn't order it this time but it's sooooo goooooood! If you're like me and love saucy noodles you wont be disappointed. Even the tiny balls of rice pictured beside the chicken katsu taste better then I ever expected.

This place has quickly become one of my favourite places to order food from by far. I know quite a few of my youtube viewers are fellow londoners (hey guysss! :D) so if any of you are also readers and like Japanese food I'd recommend trying this place. It's on the just eat app too which is basically me saying you can order this from the comfort of your bed in just a few clicks *insert hands up emoji here*. Also a moment of appreciation for the adorable themed packaging please! They really have ticked all my boxes.

I'm considering starting a series about my favourite takeout restaurants in London because food over everything and who doesn't love a bit of foodporn to drool over? Let me know if thats something you'd be interested in reading. I already talk about restaurants I visit so why not extend that into the world of takeout?!

Until next time, J xx

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