The Maids @ Trafalgar Studios

'The Maids' tells the story of two maids who fantasize about killing their employer. It's a psychological thriller performed on a minimal set at Trafalgar Studios, an intimate performance space in central London. If you're looking for a light and bubbly west end musical then this isn't for you, but if you're looking to watch a committed performance from 3 great actresses then you may like this. The last show I watched was Matilda The Musical and don't get me wrong I love a good sing song, but it was nice to watch something with more depth.

The stage was tiny and had seating on both sides leaving nowhere for the actresses to hide. They constantly had to perform to all angles but worked the performance space effortlessly, never favouring one side over the other. The creative use of lighting and music made up for everything the bare set designed lacked. Each emotion portrayed was supported by corresponding light and sound effects adding great depth to every moment. The show also had one of the most stunning visual effects I've seen on stage in years. Hundreds (if not thousands) of rose petals fell from the ceiling all over the stage and took my breath away. I love flowers so I was bound to love it but more importantly it was a beautiful way to introduce the opening scene. Yes the stage was bare but that one moment of visual beauty made it clear that the scene was set in a place of luxury and decadence, and it shut the audience up quickly too! Perfect way to start a performance!

Although all three roles were well cast the stand out performer for me was definitely Uzo Aduba. I'll admit my opinion is biased because I love her and am a big Orange Is The New Black fan, but regardless of that she was incredible to watch. She's so good she makes you forget she's acting and it was an absolute pleasure to see her live. Those who love her as crazy eyes in OITNB will love her in this. Her character is like a deeper more disturbed version of crazy eyes, it's hard not to see parallels between the two characters and I can see why they wanted her for this role.

Personally I loved the performance! I left feeling sorry for the maids and my bestie and I discussed their turmoil for the whole journey home. It's easy to forget that this is a life people once had to live. Two sisters trapped by their employment and by their minds as they gradually lose their sanity because of a situation they cannot leave. My bestie is practically my sister, we are also both black and if we had been born in another time decades ago this could have been us. A play that leaves me feeling real emotions and inspires endless discussion after is always a win in my book! So if psychological thrillers are something you're into this may be the play for you.

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