Models Own Gilt Collection First Impressions

Hello beauties! Today I have another makeup review for you featuring a few products from Models Own's recently launched Gilt collection.

Lets start with packaging... rose gold errthang. I can hear a collective OOOOOOOOO from all the rose gold lovers out there! The packaging quality varies from item to item just like the last Models Own collection I tried so I'll go into detail within each product review below.


The packaging is OK. A rose gold cap on a pretty basic tube with a pump. It's a good size though so at least there's lots of product. I trialled this primer for 2 weeks straight to really get a feel for it and I wouldn't say I love it but I wouldn't say it's bad either. It's decent and I'll probably use it up as part of my everyday makeup routine but I'm not sure if I'll re buy it. 

It claims to be a dewy finish but I didn't really get that from it. It did hold my makeup on longer then my makeup would have stayed on by itself but it didn't exactly blow me away either. I can't bring myself to say it's bad because it's not, let's just say it's not a must have. If you're looking for a basic no frills primer that does a decent job and you like rose gold then you may like this.

Models Own Gilt Face Base Primer £12.99 Available HERE


The packaging on these is a rose gold lovers dream but unfortunately although they are visually pleasing they do feel quite cheap. But it's whats in the packaging that really matters and the creamy matte formula more then makes up for the cheap feel.

I'm really liking this formula! They're supposed to have a creamy matte finish and they deliver exactly that. They feel lovely and moisturising on the lips, are easy to apply and are nice and pigmented. The shade Rose Petal 01 is a bright barbie pink. It's not a colour I'd personally go for but for such a bright almost neon colour the pigmentation is really good. The shade Full Bloom 02 is much more my style and I can see this becoming a regular in my makeup collection. Overall I'm impressed and I'm keen to see what other colours they have in this collection.

Models Own Gilt Creamy Matte Luxestick Lipstick in Rose Petal 01 £7.99 Available HERE
Models Own Gilt Creamy Matte Luxestick Lipstick in Full Bloom 02 £7.99 Available HERE


I'm always a bit unimpressed when I'm sent a black liner to review. Every brand has one and they are kind of boring to comment on, but this one I like! Firstly I love the packaging. A lengthy rose gold pencil complete with lid and my favourite part is that it's a twist up! No need for a sharpener woohoo! I guess the downside is that you cant sharpen it to a pointy tip but I only ever use pencil liners for my waterline so I'm fine with that.

The quality of the product itself is surprisingly good. Creamy and pigmented, it went straight onto my waterline nice and dark with hardly any effort. Of all the products I got to try from this range this is definitely my favourite because of it's strong pigmentation.

Models Own Gilt i-Definer Twist Up Kohl Pencil £7.99 Available HERE

And that's all for my reviews today. More hits then misses which is always a very welcome surprise! Let me know if you've tried any of the products above and what you thought of them. Or if there's any other products from Models Own that I absolutely MUST try!

Until next time, J xx

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  1. That appears to be excellent however i am still not too sure that I like it. At any rate will look far more into it and decide personally! models prefer lipsticks