Fry Up Delivery From Ten Ten / Dreams Do Come True

Yeah you read that right, I ordered a fry up for home delivery. DREAMS COME TRUE PEOPLE!

I've always wondered, why can't you order a fry up? It's such a staple part of a hungover weekend and loved by so many, why is no one profiting off delivering this? So when I noticed a restaurant on Deliveroo a few weeks ago that was basically all breakfast meals I knew I may have found heaven.

I waited until the perfect hanging morning after a messy night out to make my move.... and they absolutely smashed it!

Ten Ten Kitchen is based in Clapton East London and from what I can see mostly serves breakfast meals. Smart move to be honest because who doesn't love breakfast? Especially when it's available at any time of the day! Even McDonald's has cottoned on to this and now serves their breakfast menu 24hrs a day in some countries. I am patiently waiting for this service to come to the UK. Post clubbing McMuffins anyone?!

It was only right that we sample a variety of the menu, for blog purposes of course *winkyface*, so we chose one bagel dish, one classic fry up and an American pancake breakfast. We topped off our order with 2 lemon and lime juices which were amazing by the way, skip your usual orange juice and go for this instead trust me.

Let's start with the fry up... Is there any point in me writing anything? Surely the pictures speak for themselves? Basically ALL OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. It tasted as amazing as it looks and there was so much food. I did worry that they would be a bit stingy on the serving size but they weren't and it was perfect.

When it came to the pancakes I wasn't expecting much. I thought they'd be a bit bland and taste precooked but oh my life I had such food envy of my boyfriends meal! I'm pretty sure I stole a whole pancake all together. They were light, fluffy, perfectly cooked and served with a generous portion of syrup. If I had to choose between the fry up and the pancakes I couldn't. I'm going to have to order both every time.

The bagel however was a bit meh. The bacon wasn't crispy as advertised, it came with avocado which was an unwelcome surprise and the actual bagel itself was a bit stale. The eggs tasted great but we already had plenty of those from our other meals. Moral of the story, screw the bagel get the pancakes.

Overall I am pretty convinced that I have found a piece of heaven on East London's Deliveroo. I'd love to say that my next move is to visit the actual restaurant in person but the chances of that happening are slim knowing Deliveroo can bring it to me instead. I'm lazy OK don't judge me! I'm still day dreaming about those pancakes, such a welcome surprise.

If you're based in East London and spot Ten Ten on your deliveroo list it's well worth a try. We spent around £30 all together on 3 meals and 2 drinks. I know some of you are thinking what?! I could have made a fry up myself for a quarter of the price! But are you really going to drag your hungover butt out of bed, to the shops, into the kitchen and wash up everything after? I didn't think so.

Until next time, J xx

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