& Other Stories Perle de Coco Body Scrub Review

Firstly how pretty does the body scrub look in the roses?! Such product romance I love it!

I've never been interested in & Other Stories as a brand, but they have a store right by where I meet my friends after work so I've made a habit of wondering in to pass time.

I'm not really a fan of the clothes, the few bits I do like are always a bit pricey for my liking. The shoe section is pretty good to be honest, they always have an impressive selection of trainers that catch my eye. The body care and makeup section however is what keeps me going back.

The set up reminds me of Lush with testers out everywhere and simple displays. One day I noticed there was a large sink and mirror section for you to try products at and that's when I saw it. A selection of nine different body scrubs, all in beautiful colours, open and just waiting next to the sink for me to play with. Body scrubs, my weakness, I feel like this was a cleverly planned trap.

I spent my next few visits playing at the sink, smelling each one before finally deciding on Perle de Coco. A delicious milky coconut, vanilla and caramel scent. It is worth mentioning though that all of the scents are gorgeous! It was so hard to choose one but Perle de Coco smells absolutely edible and those are the type of scents that usually steal my heart.

The scrub looked like everything I want in a body scrub. High quality, packed with sugar and it smells incredible too. I really really thought this would finally be the product to knock Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub off the pedestal I've had it on for years. That wasn't the case but I ended up loving it for a different reason.

It starts off well, exfoliating away and filling the surrounding area with it's beautiful scent, but less then 10 seconds later (not even kidding) the exfoliation was gone. Instead I was left with a thick luxurious lather that reminds me of in an shower moisturizer. The lather feels amazing, It's almost as thick as a body butter and stayed for a while too, but it wasn't exfoliating at all. Maybe I needed to use more? But considering it's not that big of a pack I didn't want to and I used no less then I would with other scrubs so I'm assuming this is just how the product is.

I ended up using it as a pre shaving product and for that use it works a treat! You get a little scrub out of it, then a thick lather to moisturize you whilst you shave and the added bonus of enjoying the delicious scent. As an exfoliater I don't really rate it, but as a pre shaving product I kind of love it. The scent is so strong that not only could I smell it on my skin after but I could also smell it all across the top floor landing of my house that surrounds the bathroom for ages after too.

At £10 a pot it's not the cheapest but I think I'd actually buy it again. It left me wanting to try more & Other Stories body care products too because their scents are to die for! The body care line isn't the cheapest out there (£12 for 150ml of body spray ouch), but if they leave me smelling good enough to eat I'm willing to spend a little extra for them. The exact scrub I bought is available here.

Let me know if you've tried anything from their line and any other brands you would recommend!

Until next time, J xx


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