Current Missguided Lust List

I thought my Missguided addiction was over until they opened a shop in Westfield Stratford. I keep finding myself in there and have yet to leave without a new purchase because the changing room staff are too damn nice! It's like hanging out with your girlfriends and they always convince me to buy at least one thing I've tried on. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet, but hey I look good so how bad can it be right?!

They're currently running a promotion in store with Lucozade, (this is not a sponsored post I promise, just a pro tip for anyone who goes to Westfield Stratford) they put a mini Lucozade can in your bag as you check out and you can enter a code online to get up to 50% off your next purchase. The girl on the til said the chances of getting 50% off are really good, so I've tucked my can away until payday then I'm going to activate it and go crazy on the website. In preparation for this I made the below wishlist so I don't miss any of the things I've been lusting over recently. I wish I could buy it all at once but looking at the size of it I think it's best to pace myself lol.

The last few things I've purchased from Missguided have been surprisingly good! I'm also loving a lot of their new releases, apart from the Jordan Dunn LONDUNN collection which I'm really not a fan of at all to be honest. Keep an eye out for a Missguided haul on my YouTube channel soon. Between this wishlist and my Lucozade discount code I know it's going to happen!

I know summers coming but there's a little bit of everything here because I live in England and our weather is so unreliable. I swear we need to be prepped for all seasons all year round in this country! You never know what you're going to get.

Until next time, J xx

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