My First Fancy Ramen @ Tonkotsu

When I think of ramen I think of 30p instant noodle packs from the oriental supermarket. Specifically the oriental supermarket because the flavour sachets are always far better then regular supermarket alternatives. If you don't have an oriental supermarket near you try the world foods aisle in your local supermarket instead and thank me later. For the record my favourites are anything by the brand Indomie.

Anyway back on point, I've never thought to go out for ramen because why would I when I can make a bowl for 30p? I didn't even intentionally go out for ramen when we visited Tonkotsu. We've been walking past this place for ages now and I always assumed they made sushi. It's the strangest location for a restaurant, right at the top of Mare Street Hackney, tucked into the middle of the high street surrounded by Primark, The Post Office and random cheap clothing and household item stores. 

Last night we decided to finally pop in and I'm more then glad we did!

It doesn't even feel like Mare Street once your inside. It feels more like Soho to be honest which was why I wasn't surprised to find out they have more locations around London including Soho. Tonkotsu is a Japanese Ramen bar that also has an impressive selection of side dishes so no worries if you're not a noodle fan. We decided to try and selection of dishes (including ramen) and ended up so full that I couldn't even sample the desserts. Such heartbreak.

The first 2 dishes to arrive were the King Prawn Katsu and the Sweet Potato Korokke.

Both were so good! It was at this moment that we knew it was going to be a great food night. The King Prawn Katsu is self explanatory but when the Korokke arrived I literally had no idea what we had ordered, we were both hooked at first bite though. They are basically sweet potato croquettes which it actually says on the menu but clearly I wasn't paying attention when we ordered. Regardless they were super tasty and I wish we had ordered 2 servings.

Next up were the Gyozas, we went for Prawn and Pork.

Both were delicious but the Prawn has to win because they were so juicy! I could have easily eaten a bowl of them alone. They didn't come with a sauce but there's a selection on the table already including soy for you to enjoy.

Then came the mains, we both went for the Tonkotsu Ramen because the description really sold it to us:

'16-hour pork broth and a sea salt base enriched with lardo for a fuller “mouth-feel”. Thinner cut homemade noodles, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and spring onions. Topped with seasoned egg, roast pork belly and burnt garlic oil.'

Seriously how are you meant to resist that?!

Surprisingly I'm a big fan! It's not just packet noodles guys, this is like packet noodles super sassy designer clad older sibling and I already know I'll be back for more. The noodles were super tasty, the meat was great and the broth was one of the best bits honestly I could drink a bowl of just the broth and be happy.

Overall it was a really nice surprise and I now understand the appeal of Ramen Bars. The cocktails weren't my favourite but that's simply personal taste. I'm a sweet cocktail kind of girl and they are not a sweet cocktail kind of place, they do however have a few kinds of sake on offer and a huge selection of whisky but considering it was a Monday night I thought it best not to go down that route. Maybe next time when I go back to try their desserts!

So if you're looking for a tasty ramen bar in East London Tonkotsu could be the perfect place for you. With locations in Soho, Selfridges, Bankside and Notting Hill you can already tell they are a gooden, they even have a second East London location near Haggerston station. Check out there full menu and all info at

Until next time, J xx

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