My First Time @ Youtube Space London

Teenage Jaydee would be extremely proud of me right now. 

Actually no, teenage Jaydee would be absolutely horrified that it's taken me so long, then after a little lecture she would be proud lol.

I've wanted to visit Youtube Space London for years now but couldn't bring myself to do it. It was a combination of fear of visiting alone and honestly I just didn't feel good enough to be there. Recently though my confidence has been at an all time high, so when I spotted that the amazing Mandy Celine was running a workshop that was conveniently after work and totally related to the theme of my channel I knew it was time to face my fear...

So I did it! and it was amazing and I feel like a complete idiot for waiting this long!

I spent most of the day mentally preparing for something that ended up being one of the most chilled out experiences ever. Everyone from the staff on the door to the other youtubers in the workshop was so nice and not once did I feel uncomfortable. It's been so long since I was surrounded by youtubers, like minded people who actually get what I'm doing and why I love creating so much. It felt quite homie and reminded me of the good old days of 2007/2008 youtube gatherings. It's nice to know that elements of the youtube culture I loved so much back then still exist, even if they are harder to find these days.

Mandy Celine who was running the workshop is queen. Seriously her work is amazing and if I could be half as good of a filmmaker as her I'd be happy. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years now and after not seeing her in far too long it was nice to see her again, going from strength to strength and completely slaying the editing game. She makes videos for herself and also for other youtubers, I wouldn't be surprised if you've already seen some of her work on one of your favourite youtubers channels. I've added a few of her videos below because shes goals and you have to check her out!

The space itself is so cool, it's pretty big too! Definitely almost made myself late taking snapchats outside lol. Next time I visit I'll get more pictures, but this time I was too distracted by the youtube themed cake pops, fruit smoothies and brownies they had laid out for us. 

I left feeling inspired and learnt more then I expected to. I knew I'd pick up a few new tricks because as I said Mandy is queen (Mandy Celine even rhymes with queen can we take a moment to appreciate that?!) but I ended up learning things about my own editing software that I didn't even know existed. I also learnt things from the other youtubers in attendance. A few lovely girls helped me figure out a setting on my camera that I'd been struggling to find and another girl gave me some great lighting advice. Everyone was keen to chat and share advice and that for me was one of the coolest things about the whole experience.

I'll definitely be back! Even if it's just to lurk outside and sponge off the incredibly fast guest wifi lol. If you're a creator and interested in visiting a space near you check out They have spaces all over the world all with different facilities and workshops running so be sure to have a look. 

Until next time, J xx


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