The Blush & Highlight Palette Of My Dreams / Too Faced Sweet Peach Swatches

Yes I know I'm the last person to arrive at the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection party but we cant all get our hands on things the second they come out. Plus after years of constantly struggling to find swatches of stuff on my skin tone I will be doing far more swatch posts here regardless of when stuff is released, because you've got to be the change you want to see in the world ya know.

I love peaches. The scent, the colour, the taste, everything. So the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection is the stuff of dreams to me. I've wanted to get the eyeshadow palette since it was first released but surprisingly it was another product in the collection that stole my heart, the highlighting palette.

As you can see this palette is already well loved. It comes everywhere with me and is officially my go to blush and highlight. The blush is gorgeous, a classic peachy orange tone with gold highlight running through. To be completely honest this colour is nothing groundbreaking, every brand has their own version of this. Think Nars Orgasm blush which is a pinker version of this and Topshop Do It Again blush which is basically the exact same colour, but this one is special because IT SMELLS LIKE PEACHES AND I'M WAY TOO INTO THAT.

Yes the caps were essential, I need you to feel my joy through the power of caps. 'Smell my face' has become a regular part of my vocabulary since I started using this. 'Mmm you smell like peaches' person says 'I know right' I say back as I flick my hair and feel far too proud of my new found face scent.

The highlight has quickly become one of my favourites which is a BIG statement because I'm such a highlight snob. It's a gorgeous light glow that looks so natural and dewy. For me this is the perfect day highlighter, not too crazy and bright but still enough to stand out. It looks like a beautiful glow from within and complements the blush colour perfectly.

The third colour is supposed to be a bronzer but as you can see it's completely wasted on my skin tone. However it does make a gorgeous all over eyeshadow shade. The bronzer did arrive broken though and falls out of the actual packaging if I don't open it carefully. I feel like I have to mention that because too many brands think its OK to sell broken makeup these days so a little name and shame is essential. It can be easily fixed but that's not the point, we don't invest in expensive makeup in beautiful packaging only to have to glue it together ourselves. It ruins the experience of purchasing high end stuff and leaves me wondering why in the world the prices are so high when some brands cant even manage a bit of quality control.

I'm yet to use the eyeshadow palette to create a look but I'm really impressed by the swatches. All the shades apart from two are great quality and highly pigmented. Delectable is the first let down, it's just not as pigmented as the others and Georgia, the second let down, is lacking completely. I tried a few times and could just about get a decent swatch out of it. Caramelized is by far the most pigmented shade and one of my personal favourite colours.

The packaging of both palettes is gorgeous. Two Faced always have exciting packaging and I love the look of this whole collection. Even the outer packaging boxes were beautiful, if only the bronzer in the highlighting palette didn't need to be glued in.

At first glance I didn't think I'd like the lip gloss colours, but once on I really liked them. They are not shades I'd usually go for but for some reason I'm really feeling these. The formula is described as creamy peach infused lip gloss and they are exactly that. The finish is like a creamsheen lipstick and a lip gloss had a baby and although they are not fully opaque the pigmentation is still pretty good.

On the lips they feel great! The formula includes peach oil, coconut oil and vitamin e and you can really feel those ingredients on your lips. I prefer the feel of this to a lot of lip balms I've tried and think it'd be a great fit for those of you with dry lips as it really does leave my lips feeling softer and moisturised. The applicator is great too which is always a plus.

I hope you enjoyed this review and all the swatches! As I said I'll be swatching and reviewing a lot more here so let me know if there are any products you'd love me to try out :)

Until next time, J xx