Hungover Lunching At Granger & Co Kings Cross

I'd never heard of Granger & Co before but judging by the ever growing queue at the door I may be one of the only ones who hadn't. Luckily for me though I arrived 40 minutes late to lunch after taking a little extra time to nurse my hangover. By then the girls had already been seated and I got to stroll straight in to join them like a boss.

This place is the epitome of Instagram goals. Perfect for bloggers, yummy mummies and chic exchange students to lounge around in whilst updating their social media accounts. Floor to ceiling windows provide great lighting too making it a dream come true for those who love aesthetically pleasing locations. The food was lush too!

Anywhere that has homemade lemonade on the menu has my heart. It tasted great and had me constantly ordering more. The menu had some great dishes, I would have gone for the sea bass but my hungover state required something with bread so I chose the chicken burger instead. How good can a chicken burger be? I thought... turns out it can be pretty damn good! I was pleasantly surprised and heard nothing but rave reviews from the girls about their dishes too.

'I need it, for blog purposes' I say every time I want to justify a dessert. Seriously though how was I meant to resist when they had white chocolate cheesecake on the menu?! Anywhere that has a good cheesecake gets an extra gold star from me and theirs was well worth it. I left with nothing bad to say, which is rare because I'm usually an opinionated little brat lol but everything about lunch was perfect. Including the lovely staff who happily talked us through the menu and I even witnessed them being extra lovely to some unnecessarily rude diners.

The location is just behind Kings Cross station, look for the birdcage and then carry on around the building opposite it. I'd highly recommend it as it ticks all the boxes. Great food, location, staff and decor. If you're nearby check it out! They have locations in Notting Hill and Clerkenwell too and all info can be found at

Fellow Londoners, where are your favourite places to lunch? Let me know :)

Until next time, J xx

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